How much does a Baby Bugatti cost?

Prices range from $40,106 for the base version with composite bodywork, a 1.4-kWh battery pack, 1.3 horsepower in Novice mode and 5.4 horses of electrified thrust in Expert mode with a 28-mph top speed.

How much is a blue Bugatti?

The Chiron’s nearly $3 million price tag matches its extreme persona, but even for that kind of money it’s almost a performance bargain. It’s powered by a massive 16-cylinder engine that is a marvel of modern engineering, capable of propelling this hypercar to 300 mph and beyond.

How much is a Bugatti Baby II?

These are a limited-production project of the U.K.’s Little Car Company and will cost somewhere between $38,000 and $74,500. There will be speedier (relatively speaking) Vitesse and Pur Sang versions, with the highest top speed reaching a vertiginous 42 mph.

How much is a 2020 Bugatti?

If transportation with a six-figure price isn’t exclusive enough for your tastes, there’s the 2020 Bugatti Chiron. The Chiron costs almost $3 million, and it’s about as exotic as hypercars get.

How fast does a Baby Bugatti go?

Bugatti offers three different versions of the Baby, with two different powertrains. The base model has composite bodywork, the smaller 1.4-kilowatt-hour battery back and the “standard” powertrain. With that you get a 1.3-horsepower Novice mode with a 12-mph top speed and a 5.4-hp Expert mode with a 25-mph top speed.

Who bought the 19 million dollar Bugatti?

“La Voiture Noire” is valued at a staggering $18 million USD, claiming the title for the most expensive new car ever made. The owner of the one-off hypercar has yet to be officially revealed but there has been speculation that it was bought by former VW Group chairman Ferdinand Piech.

What is the most expensive car in the world?

Bugatti La Voiture Noire
What Is The Most Expensive Car In The World? The most expensive car in the world – officially – is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. With a price tag of $18.7 million after taxes, the one-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire is officially the priciest new car ever.

How much money is a toy Bugatti?

Bugatti’s first EV in decades is a $35,000 ‘toy’ car. Adults can drive it, at least.