How many hours will a Mercury Pro XS last?

These engines are well capable of 1000+ hours with routine maintenance.

How many hours will a Mercury OptiMax last?

Some go out at 70k, some at 330k, but in general, you should expect 240k out of them. Most with I/O or inboards figure at least 2500 hours before a rebuild. I’ve seen a lot of them with 3500 – 4000 hours.

What is the difference between Mercury and Mercury Pro XS?

In fact, the new 115 Pro XS is 16 pounds lighter than the 115 OptiMax it replaces, and 18 pounds lighter than the nearest competing 115hp engine. Fastest top speed: Up to 3 mph faster than its nearest competitor and more than 1 mph faster than Mercury’s standard 115 FourStroke.

Is the Mercury 250 Pro XS a 2-stroke?

An OptiMax 250hp Pro XS gets up to 14% better fuel economy than a 250hp four-stroke offered by our competitor. Our direct-fuel-injection system boasts the most complete fuel and air atomization, while specialized pistons improve fuel combustion. More power….Powerful and Efficient.

HP / kW 250 / 184
Color Phantom Black

Is Mercury OptiMax any good?

The 2.5lt loop-charged powerhead has been around a long, long time and in my opinion is one of the best Mercury engines. In carburetted and EFI form, it can develop up to 200hp….MERCURY OPTIMAX 150 PERFORMANCE.

37.4kts (69.4kmh) 5000rpm 59.0lt/h (WOT)

How much does a Mercury 250 Pro XS cost?

Re: 2020 Mercury 250 Pro XS V8 Four stroke $17,500.

How fast will a Mercury 115 go?

The combination of the lower gear ratio and larger blade diameter of the Enertia’s three-blade stainless steel wheel enabled the Scout to hit a top speed of 43.6 mph at 5,800 rpm, with superb 5.4-mpg fuel efficiency at 4,000 revs, hitting 25.9 mph at 4.8 gph.

How much does a Mercury 225 OptiMax weight?

OptiMax 225 DTS Specifications
HP @ Prop 225
Shaft Length (inches) 20/25/30
Shaft Length (mm) 508/635/762
Dry Weight (lbs.) 497

How much is a new Mercury 250 Pro XS?

Is the Mercury Pro XS a 4 stroke?

The new 4-stroke Mercury Pro XS replaces the 2-stroke OptiMax series of engines which have been discontinued. Like the OptiMax, the Pro XS specializes in having high low-end torque and lightweight. It has been specially designed for the demands of bass boat, multi-specie, and saltwater inshore anglers.

Are all OptiMax 2 strokes?

In May 2018, Mercury Marine discontinued manufacturing all of its 2-stroke engines, commonly called the OptiMax series.