How many high schools are in Boone County Kentucky?

5 high schools
Boone County contains 5 high schools.

What high schools are in Boone County Kentucky?

Our Schools

  • Boone County High School. 7056 Burlington Pike.
  • Boone County Area Technology. 3320 Cougar Path.
  • Conner High School. 3310 Cougar Path.
  • Larry A. 10379 U.S. Hwy 42.
  • Randall K. 2855 Longbranch Road.
  • 6515 Camp Ernst Road. Burlington, KY 41005.
  • 3300 Cougar Path. Hebron, KY 41048.
  • 10400 Hwy 42. Union, KY 41091.

What is the number 1 high school in Kentucky?

duPont Manual High

School Ranking (2019 vs 2018)
Rank School Rank (2018)
1 duPont Manual High 1
2 North Oldham High School 6
3 Jackson City School 15

How many students are in Boone County Schools?

As the third largest in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the District consists of 14 elementary schools, six middle schools and five high schools. There are over 20,000 students, 1,200 who are English Language Learners, speaking over 50 languages in Boone County Schools.

Who is the principal of Boone County High School?

Timothy Schlotman
Boone County High School/Principal

What is Boone County High School mascot?


Boone County High School
Color(s) Navy Blue, Columbia Blue and White
Mascot Rebel

What is the richest high school in Kentucky?

Forest Hill Military Academy
The private high school with the highest tuition in Kentucky is Forest Hill Military Academy, with a tuition of $25,000.

What is the best public high school in Kentucky?

DuPont Manual High School
DuPont Manual High School is ranked the top public high school in the state, and earned a gold medal ranking from the publication. That’s followed by the J. Graham Brown School at No. 7; Louisville Male High School at No.

What school district is Burlington Kentucky?

Boone County Schools
Home – Boone County Schools.

How many schools are in Boone County KY?

25 schools
The district currently operates 25 schools, The far southern section of the county surrounding Walton is not served by the Boone County district….

Boone County Schools
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Schools 25
Budget $185.5 million

Who is in charge of Boone County Schools Ky?

Matt Turner

Boone County Schools
Superintendent Matt Turner
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Schools 25

What is the number 1 private school in Kentucky?

The best top ranked private schools in Kentucky include Trinity Christian Academy, Lexington Christian Academy and The Lexington School. The average acceptance rate is 92% (view national acceptance rates). Minority enrollment is 11% and the student:teacher ratio is 13:1.