How many days is advanced fire fighting training?

This five (5) days course provides training to control fire fighting operations aboard ship, and organized and train fire parties, inspects and train fire detection and extinguishing systems and equipment, and investigates and compiles reports on incidents involving fire.

What is advanced fire fighting?

The STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Course forms part of the training required for deck and engineering officers who wish to qualify for a certificate of competency and crew who are designated to control firefighting operations.

How long is a fire fighting certificate valid for?

3 years
Fire Fighting – Refresher Course If a student’s certificate has already expired, then they are required to attend the full course at full price. The refresher certificate is valid for 3 years.

What is basic fire fighting training?

The course is designed for training and competence in basic knowledge of the causes of fire, and prevention and firefighting techniques as well as risk minimization as well as actions to be taken in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

What is the requirements for cop in Marina?

COP – Training Certificates

  • Photocopy of Certificate of Proficiency (COP) on Basic Safety Training/Basic Training.
  • Valid Medical Certificate issued by DOH Accredited Medical Clinics (In Pre-Employment Medical Examination form)
  • Photocopy of 1st page of Seafarers Identification Record Book (SIRB)

How many days is AFF refresher course?

Course Description The two-day (16-hour) advanced firefighting refresher and revalidation course, also called an AFF Refresher course, is intended to provide refresher training for personnel who will command firefighting efforts on board the vessel.

What are the three A’s of fire fighting?

Activate, Assist and Attempt
6) To remember the rules of fighting fires, just remember the three A’s: Activate, Assist and Attempt. 7) The four simple steps for operating a fire extinguisher can be remembered with the word PASS. Pull, Activate, Squeeze, Sweep.

Where can I study fire fighting course?


  • Central University of Technology. National Diploma: Fire Technology; Emergency Medical Care.
  • Tshwane University of Technology. Bachelor of Technology: Fire Technology.
  • The Navy.
  • University of Cape Town.
  • University of Johannesburg.
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
  • Durban University of Technology.

How much does Firefighter course cost in South Africa?

Fire Safety course fees in South Africa – November 2021 update

Course Location Fees
Basic Fire Safety Diploma Institutum Grammatica N/A ZAR 251 ZAR 2,452
Basic Fire Safety Awareness Echo3 Education N/A ZAR 293 ZAR 307
Fire Safety Awareness Level 2 Apex Learning N/A ZAR 272 ZAR 5,518
Fire Safety Study Cruise N/A ZAR 292 ZAR 4,292

How much is the salary of fire Officer 1 in the Philippines?

Base Pay

Fire Officer I ₱29,668 ₱49,528
Fire Officer II ₱30,867 ₱56,582
Fire Officer III ₱32,114 ₱62,555

How many months did you train for BFP?

All firefighters undertake this mandatory 4-month training regimen which covers the basics of firefighting, rescue, emergency medical first… More response, and other courses related to the services offered by the BFP.

What are the STCW courses for seafarers?

The STCW safety courses include courses covering Chapter 6: STCW Code for Standards Regarding Emergency, Occupational Safety, Security, Medical Care and Survival Functions and covering the following: STCW VI/1: Safety familiarization, basic training, and instruction for all seafarers. STCW VI/3: Training in advanced firefighting.

What do you need to know about STCW training?

STCW Basic Safety Training (BST or BT): The training combines four elements of basic safety into one program: BST or BT is the legal minimum requirement for anyone looking for commercial work aboard vessels over 24 meters, including Superyachts and Cruise ships.

Do you need a BST for a STCW card?

BST or BT is the legal minimum requirement for anyone looking for commercial work aboard vessels over 24 meters, including Superyachts and Cruise ships. This certificate is also colloquially known as STCW Card by new aspirants in the United States.