What things does a perfect essay have

Some people consider writing an easy task. There is nothing to fight against them, as they have never experienced a real difficult task. Most of them faced a text writing assignment all the way back in the college. Therefore, you as a writer should know that there is no need to make them feel like the text writing is not as easy as they thought. Yet, if somebody is grading your work badly you should be able to stand up for yourself. However, that is sometimes difficult, as you have to actually know all of the criteria that make a simple essay turn into a perfect one. Therefore, you as a writer should be ready to take on your problem and be able to fight for your work. Sure, you can say that there are many views on how a perfect essay should look like. If you look at them closely you will see that there are some similarities among all of them, meaning that we can create a list of the general things a writer should look at when grading a text.  But first – let’s look at criterias of GED essay scoring – http://www.unm.edu/~tinan/writing/rubric.htm, so we could compare how different it is from the regular evaluation process. This article is going to talk about the most popular criteria used by the writers to grade an essay.

  1. Thesis

This is something that you might not be thinking about at first, but the thesis statement is usually worth twice much than the rest of the text altogether. Therefore, as a writer, you have to try your best to get it perfect. There are many ways to do so. Some try to just write as soon as they see the task. Such people usually fail and then blame everything but themselves for such a miss. Do not be such a person and give your best to have an interesting and useful thesis that would make you write a perfect body of the text and the ending.

If you have ever seen a perfect essay you should know that in any nice essay you will be able to see an interesting beginning and some facts and statistics in the following parts. So, we can assume that the thesis statement is something that is playing a huge role in deciding whether the text is excellent or not. Just make sure that you and your friend’s criteria of the judging are similar to avoid some of the problems with your friendship.

  1. Mistakes

In an excellent essay, you will surely not find a single mistake that can be made by a person in a hurry. There are many reasons why people consider clean and interesting texts to be something that is making their author a huge professional. Yet, in reality, with the amount of the tools that are provided to us via the Internet, we can say that any mistake is a sign of a lazy writer. The reason to call them like that is the fact that they have tons of various websites that provide with free help in checking their texts. That means that everybody can do it too. Trust us, if you encounter a mistake in a text by the end of it, there is a huge chance that it will be only remembered as a text that was not that bad, but had some mistakes in the end, so it is just bad.

  1. The structure

We all know about the thesis, body and conclusion structure. Yet, there are some smaller divisions of these three. Moreover, they are almost as interesting as the default structure in general. For example. You can divide your thesis into the small paragraphs. The first one would be the introduction, while the next one needed to tell people the thesis statements itself. The following part is a paragraph that allows the writer to explain everything, they wanted in the thesis statement. Also, you are always able to structure the smaller divisions. Like, you can switch places of the sentences in the body of your text. That will most likely change something, but in general, that will remain a nice text. In the end, just make sure that you are following the rules of the structure, as they are crucial for your text to get recognition. Hopefully, you will not get any thoughts like “Help me write my paper” ever again.