How do you write a killer profile on a CV?

There are essentially 4 sections to the front page of a high impact CV:Your name, address and contact details. 3 lines.A profile of you. 4 lines.List of skills. 10 Bullet points.List of achievements. 5 Bullet points.

How do you make a killer resume?

Seven Secrets of the Killer ResumeUnderstand what your customer is buying.Fifty percent of your success is in the prep work.Use a Target Job Title.Ditch the Job Objective.Include a Performance Profile.Professional Skills.Keyword Scatter.

How do you write a CV that gets you hired?

Telling Your StoryDon’t Put Everything on There. Your resume should not have every work experience you’ve ever had listed on it. But Keep a Master List of All Jobs. Put the Best Stuff Above the Fold Ditch the Objective Statement. Keep it (Reverse) Chronological. Keep it to a Page. Consider an Online Supplement.

Are gaps in Resume bad?

Lying about your resume gap is a really, really bad idea. Don’t change the dates of employment so it looks like you’re still working at the company or shift them so it seems like you have a shorter gap. Employers can verify your career history, and you could get fired for lying on your resume.

Should I explain a gap in my resume?

Be prepared to talk about it Having a gap on your resume won’t necessarily prevent you from moving successfully through the interview process. But potential employers will expect an explanation. Take the time beforehand to work out how you can address the gap in a way that projects confidence and positivity.