How do you unlock the Journal in Metro Last Light?

After you get past the first guards go up the stairs and at the top on your right there should be a door. Open it and go to the bathrooms on the left and on the last sink there should be a whole. Crawl into it and you will find the diary entry.

Does Metro Last Light follow the book?

Plot. Metro: Last Light takes place in 2034, one year after the events of Metro 2033, following the ending of the original novel in which Artyom’s missile strike against the Dark Ones — mysterious beings that seemingly threatened the survivors of a nuclear war living in the Moscow Metro — occurred.

How many endings does Metro Last Light have?

two Endings
There are two Endings for Metro 2033, two endings for Metro Last Light, and two endings for Metro Exodus, both based on the moral choices that the player makes throughout the game.

How do you unlock the Journal in Metro 2033?

Hold M and the compass goes away.

How do you open the map in Metro 2033?

The map is first picked up by Artyom at the beginning of the level Volga. By default, it can be accessed by pressing M on PC, View Button on Xbox, or Touchpad Button on Playstation. Switching between the map and the list of objectives is performed by pressing the left mouse button on PC, or L2 on Playstation.

Is Metro Last Light offline?

This game is OFFLINE Only (Single Player ONLY). Check the system requirements of this game on Google.

Is Metro 2035 based on Last Light?

Metro 2035 is partially inspired by the video game Metro: Last Light. In turn, Metro Exodus is a game loosely based on Metro 2035….Metro 2035.

Original Russian cover art
Author Dmitry Glukhovsky
Preceded by Metro 2034

Why is Artyom silent?

In Metro Exodus his birth year was later retconned to match the books. Alternative spelling of his name is Artem, which is a transliteration of Артём. However, the correct way to pronounce the name is equivalent to “Artyom”, because the letter “ё” is pronounced like “yoh” (with a silent h).

How do you release prisoners Pavel?

This achievement is awarded to the player for releasing the prisoners from their cells in the concentration camp in the level Pavel. Simply activate the lever in the control room before opening the door Pavel asks you to open. Doing so will also garner the player a positive Moral Point.

Are there safes in Metro Last Light?

The first safe and key is found at the very start of the level, go to the first set of stairs and go down. At the bottom is the key to the safe, after getting the key go up the stairs to the top level, jumping the broken stairs. Then go through the rebar door. The safe is in that room.

How many diary pages are there in Metro Last Light?

Metro Last Light Diary Pages. There are a total of 43 hidden diary pages in Metro Last Light Redux. You can see which ones you have already found by going to “Diary” in the pause menu. This overview shows how many diary pages each chapter has and highlights the ones you already collected. The diary also shows the chapter you are currently in.

Where can I find Metro Last Light guide?

You can find my guide for the entries of Metro: Last Light by clicking on this text here. This item has been added to your Favorites. The next one is in the hospital in the first patient room on the table where the doctor sits. The first entry in this chapter is on a pile of books to your left right when Artyom gets up.

Where is the first diary entry in Metro 2033?

The first journal entry is near where the chapter starts to the left of the escalators. Go through the doorway and keep going until you see a blue door. Once you enter the room there will be the entry.

What was survival like in the Metro Last Light?

Survival in the Metro meant struggle – for food, air, every square inch of habitable ground. Hardly a quarter survives today of those two hundred thousands who found their salvation from Judgment Day in the Metro. Hansa, the Red Line and the Reich have grown so large because they were stronger than the others and fought with more determination.