How do you unlock everything in SvR 2009?

SvR 2009 Road To WrestleMania Unlockables

  1. UNLOCK Moveset 3: pin Edge as Triple H (83 days to Wrestlemania)
  2. UNLOCK Jillian Hall: Win a Tag Match in the 3rd week of Febuary.
  3. UNLOCK Ric Flair: At No Way Out make Randy Orton win.
  4. UNLOCK Evolution Entrance: Win in less than 2:30 against Batista in Week 12.

How do you unlock Brock Lesnar in SmackDown vs Raw?

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW Unlockables

  1. PS2 | Submitted by Justin Johnson. Unlock Brock Lesnar. To unlock Brock Lesnar, on main menu press R1, R1, R2, up, left, left, right, down.
  2. PS2 | Submitted by Dennis. Unlock Superstars. Andre the Giant Purchase in the WWE Shop for $20,000 SD!
  3. PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar. How To get The Rock.

Does SmackDown vs Raw 2009 have GM mode?

The General Manager mode and Create-A-Championship were removed from SmackDown vs Raw 2009. Both the Wii and DS versions now include new match types, such as the Steel Cage and Ladder match, with the DS version also featuring tables and TLC matches.

How long is WWE 12 Road to WrestleMania?

Road to Wrestlemania Instead of choosing one of a number of different stories lasting three months each, the mode in WWE ’12 consists of a single storyline taking place over eighteen months of WWE programming and encompassing two WrestleMania events (27th annual).

How do you unlock characters in WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 ps2?

Win 10 SmackDown matches with any character (1-on-1). Complete all five Challenge matches in Christian’s RTWM and beat Austin at Wrestlemania. Complete all five challenge matches in Rey Mysterio’s RTWM, then go to the green locker room at Wrestlemania and beat Terry in an ER Match.

What is GM mode?

Instead of focusing on in-ring action, General Manager mode allowed players to take on the General Manager role for the Raw and SmackDown brands, drafting superstars, booking matches, managing contracts, and handling other issues with the ultimate goal of becoming the General Manager of the Year.

What WWE game has GM mode?

REPORT: WWE 2K22 Brings Back a Fan-Favorite SmackDown vs. Raw Feature. The upcoming WWE 2K22 is reportedly bringing back the fan-favorite GM Mode from the SmackDown vs. Raw series of games.

Does WWE 13 have a career mode?

Attitude Era Career Mode WWE ’13 will focus, in large part, on the wildly popular Attitude Era, however, and with that comes a brand-new Attitude Era mode.

How do you unlock wrestlers in WWE 12?

Unlockable characters

  1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin: WWE Universe: Defend WWE Championship using the champion.
  2. Arn Anderson: Road to Wrestlemania: Villain cutscene @ Royal Rumble.
  3. Booker T: Road to Wrestlemania: Hero cutscene 8-1, Booker’s appearence in Jacob Cass’ match with Husky Harris.

How do you unlock Tyson Fury?

If you pre-ordered the physical or digital edition of UFC 4, you should have been able to receive the two boxers, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, right off the bat. If you haven’t pre-ordered UFC 4, you can still download Fury and Joshua from Microsoft or PlayStation digital stores.

How do you unlock everything in UFC 4?

If you did not pre-order UFC 4, or you can’t access the Microsoft or PlayStation stores, you could still unlock all three characters. In order to do so, you need to complete the entire UFC 4 career mode. This will take some time, but luckily it shouldn’t take too long.

What is the cheat code for WWE Superstars?

Cheat code entry. MAXCAS – Newly Created Superstars will start with a 90 overall Rating. Note: It must be entered in all Caps with no spaces. CMPunkAltCostumeSvR!

How to win extra belts in WWE Raw?

Contributed By: the_Rieper, fhb3isback, GeRmaAaN, and Blake_Phoenyxx. Here are ways that you can win extra belts for your normal or created Superstar in Career Mode. Clear the Intercontinental Championship path. Clear the Hardcore Championship path. Clear the United States Championship path. Clear the Intercontinental Championship path.

How to win a cage match in WWE?

Cage Match – Win a Cage match in under a minute by escaping. Dirty Pin – Get a “5 Star” rank against three different opponents who have this ability. Durability – Defeat a superstar rated 20 points higher overall while both having orange damage.