How do you tie an oblong scarf?

How to wear

  1. Drape an oblong scarf around the back of your neck so that the ends hang evenly in front.
  2. Make a loose knot on one side, about halfway between your neck and the end.
  3. Pinching the other side of the scarf in the middle, pull it partially through the knot to form half of a bow.

How do you tie a long oblong silk scarf?

Take your scarf and fold it in half. Then wrap it around your neck and pull the two tails through the loop you have created. Adjust to your liking (tightened or loose) et voilà! Tie the two ends of your scarf together with a double tight knot to create a loop.

How do you tie a short rectangular scarf?

Infinity Loop

  1. Place the scarf at the back of the neck with both ends hanging down at the front.
  2. Tie a low knot at the end.
  3. Twist the lower half of the scarf so that it looks like the shape of an “8.”
  4. Pull the lower loop over your head.
  5. Adjust until comfortable.

How do you tie a long neck scarf?

Loosely twist a long scarf into a soft rope before wrapping. Center the scarf high in front of your neck right beneath your chin, and bring the ends back to cross at the nape and then forward again before making a soft knot. Tuck the ends into the neckline of your top — like Isabella Rossellini — or let them show.

What are the different ways to tie a scarf?

Different ways of wearing a scarf: Folding and knotting are the two basic steps involved in draping a scarf. Around the neck: Tie, wrap, knot, or loosely drape the scarf around your neck, as per your wish, for a cool retro and chic look. A neck tie knot is also a very popular style of draping a scarf.

How do you tie a scarf around your neck?

Loop the longer end around your neck three or four times in the same direction. Tie a simple overhand knot with both ends of the scarf, and then tie another overhand knot to get rid of most excess fabric. Fit the knot underneath the loop so that no excess fabric is showing.

How to tie square scarf?

60 Ways to Tie a Scarf » Square Scarves. Square Knot STEP 1 Place the scarf around the back of your neck with the ends hanging in front. STEP 2 Tie the ends of the scarf together once. STEP 3 Bring the front end back around the bottom end and through the loop created by the two as they cross. The… Read more.

How do tie scarf?

A four-in-hand tie starts by folding the scarf in half and wrapping it around the back of your neck. Hold the loop end of the scarf in one hand and the loose ends in the other. Taking one of the ends, pull it through the loop and then twist the loop.