How do you test a data warehouse?

The data warehouse testing process

  1. Identify the various entry points.
  2. Prepare the required collaterals.
  3. Design an elastic, automated, and integrated testing framework.
  4. Adopt a comprehensive testing approach.

How do you use ETL in Excel?

How our ETL software works with Excel as data-source

  1. Use a mask to load data from multiple Excel files.
  2. Use a mask to load data from multiple Excel sheets.
  3. Use a mask to load data from multiple excel ranges.
  4. Combine multiple data sources into a single excel file.
  5. Skip the header and footer in the Excel file.

How do I test a SQL query?

Procedure: How to Test the SQL From the SQL Statement

  1. Right-click the SQL object and click SQL Statement. The Select Statement dialog box opens, as shown in the following image.
  2. Click the Test SQL Statement button in the upper-right corner. The Test SQL Statement dialog box shows a sample of the data.

What is the difference between ETL testing and data warehouse testing?

ETL testing is a sub-component of overall DWH testing. A data warehouse is essentially built using data extractions, data transformations, and data loads. ETL processes extract data from sources, transform the data according to BI reporting requirements, then load the data to a target data warehouse.

What do we test for in data warehouse testing?

Organizations use data warehouse testing to ensure that required business functions are implemented correctly. This phase includes data verification, which tests the quality of data populated into target tables. This test should include data type check, data length check, and index/constraint check.

Which tool is used for ETL Testing?

The Best ETL Testing Tools

  • Bitwise QualiDI ETL Test Automation Platform.
  • Codoid ETL Testing Services.
  • Datagaps ETL Validator.
  • iCEDQ.
  • Informatica PowerCenter Data Validation.
  • Original Software TestBench.
  • QuerySurge Data Warehouse Testing.
  • RightData.

What is the difference between ETL testing and database testing?

ETL testing is performed for data extraction, transform and loading for BI reporting. Database testing is performed to validate and integrate the data. ETL testing used for information, forecasting, and analytical reporting. This testing is used to integrate the data from multiple applications and server impact.

How do you do power query in Excel?

From the Excel Ribbon, choose File→Options. Choose the Add-Ins option on the left, and then look for the Manage drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box. Select COM Add-Ins and then click Go. Look for Power Query for Excel in the list of available COM add-ins.

What is power query in Excel?

Power Query is a tool in Microsoft Excel that simplifies the process of importing data from different source files and sorting them into an Excel sheet in the most convenient and usable format. Power Query is a user-friendly business intelligence tool that does not require the user to learn any specific code.

How do I test SQL queries online?

How to test MySQL queries online?

  1. Enter your SQL query in the editor, finally click on “Run” to execute it. The query result will be displayed below the editor .
  2. You can also run only one query entered in the editor.
  3. If you want to export the results in csv format, click on “Export”.

How do you test a database query?

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Use an isolated database for unit testing (e.g. No other test runs or activity)
  2. Always insert all the test data you intend to query within the same test.
  3. Write the tests to randomly create different volumes of data e.g. random number of inserts say between 1 and 10 rows.

How is testing done in a data warehouse?

Data Warehouse testing involves comparing of large volumes of data typically millions of records. Data that needs to be compared can be in heterogeneous data sources such as databases, flat files etc. Data is often transformed which might require complex SQL queries for comparing the data.

How is ETL testing used in SQL queries?

ETL Testing involves comparing of large volumes of data typically millions of records. The data that needs to be tested is in heterogeneous data sources (eg. databases, flat files). Data is often transformed which might require complex SQL queries for comparing the data.

Can a Power Query be used in Excel?

But data can also be inserted into excel in more suitable ways which will save your time. The most suitable one is PowerPivot or Power Query, but there are some other possibilities. If you know basics of SQL language, you can prepare SQL Query in Excel and create fully automated report.

What should I know about Database Stress testing?

Stress testing 1 Significant amount of overhead could be involved in order to determine the state of the database transactions. 2 Solution: The overall process planning and timing should be organized so that no time and cost based issues appear. 3 New test data have to be designed after cleaning up of the old test data.