How do you name drow?

Noble drow also typically choose first names that do not sound like common words used in Deep Drop. For last names, drow also avoid any names similar to Lolth or that start with an L sound in general. In some drow cultures, last names were reserved for nobility or important members of society.

Is a drow a elf?

The drow (/draʊ/ or /droʊ/) or dark elves are a generally evil, dark-skinned, and white-haired subrace of elves in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game.

What are good names for half elves?

He rolled aside, deftly evading the blades. Barely a moment later, all three opponents were on their backs and disarmed, while he was already drinking from his cup….Half-elf Last Names

  • Hilmar.
  • Grondal.
  • Sanlen.
  • Rosefist.
  • Xyrdithas.
  • Chaemyar.
  • Presrora.
  • Dreambow.

What language do drow speak?

Drow speak Elvish, duergar speak Dwarvish, and many representatives of both races also learn Undercommon.

What does Urden mean?

Buy from Fanatical. House Do’Urden, also known by its ancient and formal name, Daermon N’a’shezbaernon, was a drow house of Menzoberranzan. Upon its destruction in 1339 DR, it was the eighth house. The house was reformed as the eighth house in 1484 DR by Matron Mother Quenthel Baenre.

How long do drow elves live?

Drow live as long as elves, although in their violent society it is rare for any individual to live longer than 400 years. Drow begin schooling at age 8, and enter adolescence at age 20, where they enter an apprenticeship. Those who survive the harsh drow culture reach adulthood at age 80.

What do drow elves look like?

Appearance and personality. Like other elves, the drow are slightly shorter than humans, and more slender, with little physical difference between the genders. They have pointed ears. They are differentiated by their black skin and pale, almost-white hair and eyes.

What do drow elves eat?

FR Novels. According to Bob Salvatore’s various underdark novels, dark elves get by just fine on mostly domesticated meat breeds (like the Rothe mentioned by SPavel, each about twice the size of a yak), insects and reptiles, fish, fungi, and fermented spirits.

Do half-elves have human names?

The elves tend to call them half-humans, and humans call them half-elves in order to distinguish them more from their own race. However, half-elves generally have an easier time fitting in with humans who tend to be more open and welcoming in many cases.

How tall is a half elf?

5 to 6 feet tall
Half-elves are more or less the same size as humans, ranging from 5 to 6 feet tall. Your size is Medium. Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

What do drow elves speak?

Drow speak Elven (albeit in some evil-sounding accent!)

Can elves understand drow?

In the phb the elves know common and elvish, they don’t know undercommon or drow – looking at the monster manual, drow there speak elvish and undercommon, still no drow language.

Who are the drow in dungeons and Dragons?

Everything of the Dungeons & Dragon Drow, except for the simple idea of dark elves, was invented by the Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax. Yet Snorri Sturluson writes in Prose Edda of the black elves the dark elves dwell beneath the ground and the Drow is darker than their pitch. The Drow are a class of dark elves in Dungeons and Dragons.

How are drow names different from other Elven names?

Drow names are, like many elven names, quite melodic. But the drow names also contain harsher sounding elements, which usually makes their names stand out from other elven names. Drow names, both first and surname, usually also have a meaning, which I didn’t include in this generator for simplicity’s sake.

What do you call the elves in dungeons and Dragons?

Dark elves, also known as Drow, are the elven creatures in the fantasy game known as Dungeons and Dragons that are faithful to the treacherous ways of Spider Queen Lolth. If you are playing the game and are wondering which Drow names to use, you can pick one of the ones above.

Who are the Dark Elves in Lord of the Rings?

The drow – typically referred to as dark elves – are an elven subrace that lives underground. Generally, these elves are chaotic evil marauders that worship Lolth. However, drow do occasionally break from the mold by doing good deeds or dabbling in adventuring.