How do you list sales achievements on a resume?

You must show the recruiter how good you are at performing your duties. In other words, pepper your sales representative resume with achievements. Remember: Responsibilities/skills + numbers = achievements. As simple as that.

What is your personal achievement?

Achievements can be divided into two main categories: 1) Personal: received awards, won competitions, achieved high grades in studies, volunteering, participating in sporting events, etc. 2) Professional: saved the company time and money, increased performance, facilitated growth, met and exceeded work targets, etc.

What are some accomplishments at work?

Examples of quantitative accomplishment statements: “Handled late accounts effectively, securing $5,000 in past-due accounts.” “Gained a reputation for working well on a team, receiving a ‘Team Player’ award.” “Raised more than $10,000 at annual fundraiser, increasing attendance and media coverage from previous years.”

How do I find my accomplishments?

Here’s how to figure out what your career accomplishments are:Start keeping a record. To date, you may not have kept notes on your key accomplishments at work. Make it measurable. Accomplishments that can be quantified are particularly compelling to prospective employers. Select your high points.

How do you share achievements?

10 Ways to Share Your Accomplishments Without Bragging. Here are 10 ways you can share your most interesting experiences and stories, without sounding like you are bragging:Share a Sense of Wonder. Be Grateful for Your Success. Be Self-Deprecating. Avoid the Humble Brag. Get a Wingman. Don’t Avoid the Achievement. Use Humor.