How do you list DEA on a resume?

Include them in a category other than your education section. Your social security #, license # and NPI/DEA #s. Do not include private information that can possibly subject you to identity theft.

What should be included in an eras experience?

The Experiences Section of ERAS is structured similar to the medical school applications you’ve already done. You give each experience a title, select the category (work, research, volunteer), state your role, the dates of involvement, hours per week, and then use a limited-character text box to describe it.

Do extracurriculars matter for residency?

Excelling at both extracurricular activities and exams in medical school is critical to deciding what residency you want to pursue and ultimately getting into that residency. Most medical school students are well-versed in successfully juggling multiple endeavors and demanding schedules.

Is reading a hobby?

Reading is an incredibly inexpensive hobby that provides so many benefits. Most of the time, it requires little or no electricity to engage in reading, so you’re not burning up watts and adding to your energy bill. If you read outside or in a well-lit house, there’s no cost at all during daytime hours.

Can you put hobbies on Aacomas?

Perhaps it is me, but there’s no section for hobbies on AACOMAS. There’s a section named “Extracurricular, Volunteer, Community Service” and another named “Awards, Honors, Scholarships”. I’m assuming hobbies would be listed under the “Extracurricular, Volunteer, Community Service” section.

What percentage of med school applicants get interviews?

A very rough breakdown of percentages you may anticipate up to this point are approximately 25-40% of our applicants will receive a secondary; of those secondaries, we will likely interview ~50%; of those interviews, we will likely accept under 50% including those taken off the waitlist.

How many med school interviews is average?

3 interview