How do you hatch a Digimon egg?

New Digimon are obtained by hatching eggs. To hatch a new Digimon, you must obtain an egg and some DATA and bring it to an Incubator (such as the one at the Dats Center). Place your egg in the incubator and inject your DATA. You must make at least three successful DATA injections to hatch you egg.

How long does it take to hatch a Digimon?

Digieggs hatch into a Digimon after 5 in-game days have passed. This time can be shortened to 1 day by feeding the egg at most 6 Data Chips and rubbing them through the “Nade~Nade” function through the Digivice. After enough time has passed, “Nade~Nade” it again to hatch.

How do you get Digimon in DMO?

In Digimon Masters Online the only way to get new digimon is to obtain a Digi-Egg. These digimons are called Mercenary Digimon. Digi-Eggs can be obtained by defeating some digimons. You can check which digimons are available to hatch here.

How do you get a 5’5 Digimon in DMO?

you can buy D-CODE items from peoples or farm it on Crack Of Devimon Dungeon (you need lv120 digimon to do dungeons) and you’ll get 5/5 eggs.

How do you make Digimon bigger in DMO?

Giant Growth Fruit is a fruit that can make your digimon taller for a certain period. However, there is no stat change by using giant growth fruit and your digimon will return to its normal size after the effect of giant growth fruit wears off. By applying giant growth fruit, digimon’s size can go up to 350%.

How do you unlock the maze in DMO?

To unlock Digimon Maze Entrance, you need Tamer level 55 on gDMO or Tamer level 60 on kDMO. You will then get the quest on your digivice from Richard Sampson, in which you are sent to Starmon in the Dark Tower Wasteland.

How do you make a party in DMO?


  1. Click on a player, then right click on the window that appears above, and use the option ‘Request Party’
  2. Go to your Friend List or Guild List to invite using click then the option ‘Request Party’
  3. This is a very important thing, you can call to party only with a Name, press Enter and write /Invite Nameofcharacter .

Is overfeeding a care mistakes Digimon?

Calls/Care Mistakes Leaving the Digimon asleep without a blanket for 10 minutes will result in 1 care mistake. Injury/Overfeeding/Sleep Disturbance are NOT care mistakes. Whenever a care mistake is about to happen, the Call Icon (the last icon) lights up and is accompanied with a beeping sound.

What battery does a digivice use?

Battery : CR2032 × 1 piece used (attached) * The set batteries are for testing.

How do you get fruit to grow?

Growth Fruit is a one-use item to reconfigure a Digimon’s size to 125%. It is very rare and can only be obtained from some events. In April 26, 2016 Patch, Growth Fruit is given for Tamers who have logged in for 45 days within a time frame. In July 12, 2016 Patch, scanning Sports Day Coin may give this item.

How do you hatch a Digimon in DMO?

To hatch a new Digimon, you must obtain an egg and some DATA and bring it to an Incubator (such as the one at the Dats Center). Place your egg in the incubator and inject your DATA.

How many times can a Digimon egg be upgraded?

Second type of Failure that will use the data and destroy the egg in the incubator. A digi-egg can be upgraded up to 5 times, but can be hatched at ranks 3-5.

How can you prevent eggs from being destroyed in DMO?

Egg destruction can be prevented by using Hatch Backups (HBUP). When you register a HBUP in the incubator, it will be consumed on DATA injection, whether successful or not. On failures, the egg is not destroyed. HBUPs that prevent penalties up to 4/5 are available in the Cash Shop and from other players.

Where do you get mercenary eggs in DMO?

Mercenary Eggs These eggs are very rarely dropped by mobs. To obtain these eggs, battle Digimon from the evolution family of the Digimon you want. These eggs have a small chance of hatching.