How do you grade a Capped Bust dime?

Below are the typical grading standards for Capped Bust Dimes.

  1. AG3 About Good: Details clear enough to identify.
  2. G4 Good: Date, letters, and stars discernible.
  3. VG8 Very Good: Legends and date plain.
  4. F12 Fine: Full LIBERTY.
  5. VF20 Very Fine: LIBERTY distinct.
  6. EF40 Extremely Fine:
  7. AU50 About Uncirculated:
  8. MS60 Uncirculated:

What is a Capped Bust dime?

The capped bust design was the work of former U.S. Mint chief engraver William Kneass. This design was popular and was featured on dimes from 1809 to 1837. The capped bust dime was the first dime to state its face value on the coin. …

What does F mean in coin grading?

This changed to the letter grading system beginning with the lowest grade – Basal State (also Poor (PO)), then continuing Fair (Fr), About or Almost Good (AG), Good (G), Very Good (VG), Fine (F), Very Fine (VF), Extremely Fine (EF), Almost or About Uncirculated (AU), Uncirculated (Unc) and up to Brilliant Uncirculated …

Are Barber dimes worth anything?

Your Barber dime value is $3.03 to $3.53 for a common date coin in heavily worn “Good” condition. If your coin is better preserved the value increases sharply in “Extremely Fine” condition. A step by step method is used to determine how much your coin is worth.

How much is a 1837 US dime worth?

Total metal value of the 1837 Seated Liberty Dime is USD 1.062. Total Silver content in the coin is 90% and the Silver value of this coin is USD 1.062 ,Silver value is claculated with a spot price of USD 14.88/ounce….1837 Seated Liberty Dime.

WEIGHT 2.248 Grams

How much is a 1837 dime worth?

What does MS64 mean in coins?

64. Mint State 64. MS64. Coin has good, overall average luster and even strike for the type. Several small contact marks in groups, as well as one or two moderately heavy marks may be present.

What does UNC mean coins?

Brilliant Uncirculated coins
UNC’, Brilliant Uncirculated coins are of a higher standard than circulating and bullion coins. An entry-level collectable, like Proof coins, the dies used to strike Brilliant Uncirculated coins are polished and finished by hand. The Brilliant Uncirculated blanks are machine-fed and struck twice.

What is an 1892 dime worth?

Why Barber Dime Values Are On the Rise

1892 Barber Dime $7 $80
1892 Barber Dime (O) $12 $95
1892 Barber Dime (S) $65 $330
1893 Barber Dime $140 $300

What is the rarest dime in the world?

1894-S Barber dime
The 1894-S Barber dime is a dime produced in the United States Barber coinage. It is one of the rarest and most highly prized United States coins for collectors, along with the 1804 dollar and the 1913 Liberty Head nickel….1894-S Barber dime.

Designer Charles E. Barber
Design date 1892

How much are Mercury Dimes Worth?

In circulated condition, any Mercury dime sells for about a dollar over its silver value, or about $3. Rolls are readily available in circulated or better condition. Uncirculated examples of common dates (MS60) are worth about $6-8 retail, while MS65 coins bring $25 and the top grade of MS68 is worth $200.

What does PCGS MS65 mean?

MS65: The strike should be at least average for the issue and preferably sharp for the issue. The luster should be above average although full mint luster is not required like MS66 and MS67 grades are. Bagmarks can be present, but should not detract greatly from the coin’s overall beauty.

What is the most valuable Barber dime?

Such is the case with the 1894-S Barber Dime. Recently sold for $1.9 million, this Barber Dime is the most expensive dime in US history.

What is cap bust?

Capped Bust. The Capped Bust coinage of the United States consisted of a half dime, dime, quarter and half dollar. History. John Reich designed this capped-head concept of Liberty, and it was modified by Chief Engraver of the Mint, William Kneass.

What is a cap bust half dollar?

Capped Bust Half Dollars are one of the most collected early type coins. Minted from 1807 to 1836 as a lettered edge half dollar, the Capped Bust Half Dollar has a lot of varieties.