How do you get to La Parva?

The Santiago Benitez International Airport is the gateway airport for La Parva ski resort. LAN ( of Chile is the major international carrier with flights from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Flights from the United Kingdom may go via New York, Miami or Los Angeles.

How high is La Parva?

This ski center is located at 2,750 meters above sea level, amidst the Andes Mountain Range.

How many ski resorts are in the Andes?

34 ski resorts
List and map of all 34 ski resorts in the Andes. In the Andes , you can look forward to 704 kilometres of slopes: the ski resorts are served by 256 ski lifts.

How many French ski resorts are there?

List and map of all 250 ski resorts in France. In France, you can look forward to 10,166 kilometres of slopes: the ski resorts are served by 3,063 ski lifts. Have lots of fun skiing in France!

Is skiing better in Argentina or Chile?

In Chile trees are found in much lower levels of each of these southern resorts resulting in heavier snow and shorter tree runs. Of the listed resorts in this region, Argentina has, by far, better weather and overall better infrastructure, better terrain, and better skiing on the whole.

Does Chile have good skiing?

Ski Resort Highlights Of all the South America ski destinations, La Parva has some of the most unique terrain and backcountry access. For skiers willing to earn their turns around the off-piste terrain, La Parva hosts some of the best expert skiing in Chile.

Where do the rich ski in France?

Courchevel, France Still often known by its erstwhile moniker, 1850, not only is it the main lift hub, with gondolas heading up in three different directions, it is home to huge numbers of four-star, five-star and Palace status hotels, luxury chalets and some pricey shops.

What is the number one ski resort in France?

1. Courchevel. Les Trois Vallées (Three Valleys) is a group of interlinked ski resorts that make up the world’s largest alpine ski domain, and Courchevel is the largest and most famous of these resorts.

Is skiing in Chile expensive?

How much does it cost to ski in Chile and Argentina? Currently Valle Nevado and El Colorado in Chile have the most expensive lift tickets, around $USD 80. Cerro Bayo in Patagonia Argentina has the cheapest lift ticket during high season, roughly $USD 45.

What months can you ski in Chile?

Typically, during average snowfall years, the ski season in Chile and Argentina runs from mid-June to mid-October. Some years, ski touring or “skinning” is possible as late as November.

Is it expensive to ski in Chile?

How tall is La Parva ski resort in Chile?

This ski center is located at 2,750 meters above sea level, amidst the Andes Mountain Range. It corresponds to a winter resort, fully equipped with all necessary amenities, beautiful architecture and excellent trails that are chosen every year by world class skiers. It also has a Ski Club where domestic competitors are formed.

What to do in La Parva in Chile?

La Parva has a beautiful view to the valley of Santiago and it is the winter center with major population, due to the great variety of refuges and private apartments, which are rented during the ski season. The snowboard practice and the heliski are implemented for those who enjoy these activities.

When to ski at La Parva ski resort?

Most owners ski in the morning and during the afternoon settle in their magnificent terraces to share with friends and family, which is great for the average skier, since the center is rarely congested.

Where are the best ski resorts in Chile?

La Parva is one of the three ski resorts that are only 50 kilometers from Santiago. It is characterized by its courts, restaurants and activities that take place throughout the year.