How do you get promoted from SGT to SPC?

The time-in-grade requirement for attaining eligibility for promotion to SGT is eight months as a corporal or specialist (CPL/SPC), waiverable to four months for those recommended in the secondary zone.

Where can I see my HRC promotion orders?

How can I find a copy of my promotion orders? Good News is you can find all your military documentation through HRC. Go to the HRC website under EREC to find electronic copies of all your data.

Can you be promoted to SGT without BLC?

(6) Soldiers promoted to SGT/SSG under this chapter, who have not completed BLC/ALC (as appropriate), do not require a waiver. However, the promotion is contingent on completion of BLC/ALC (as appropriate), within the time frame established in paragraph 1–28e.

Can you get promoted before BLC?

The Army also announced that beginning June 1, 2022, for active duty, and Active Guard Reserve Soldiers and Oct. 1, 2022, for Army Reserve, Solders must be recommended by a promotion board to Sergeant before attending BLC.

How many promotion points is BLC worth?

Promotion points are received for academic excellence in BLC, however. You can receive 20 promotion points for achieving commandant’s list status and 40 promotion points for achieving Distinguished Honor Graduate of the Distinguished Leadership Graduate. These must be verified on the DA Form 1059.

What is the AAA 294?

TASK FORCE 95 MILITARY POLICE The AAA-294 Report now contains a new section called “SSG ELIGIBLE FOR AUTOMATIC PROMOTION LIST INTEGRATION”, which display Soldiers who meet the minimum required time in service of 83 Mo or more and minimum time in grade of 11 Mo or more.

Does a corporal outrank a specialist?

In practice, the corporal outranks a specialist and will be treated as an NCO by the soldiers below him or her. The specialist is still an E-4 level expert at his or her MOS. That’s why a specialist is also known as a “sham shield” — all the responsibility of a private grade with all the pay of a corporal.

Can a PFC go to BLC?

e. Private First Class: As of 1 May 2014, PFCs are no longer authorized to attend BLC.