How do you get 500 AC Free in Aqw?

To unlock the free ACs, you’ll need to:

  1. Have a confirmed email address.
  2. Make sure your character is level 10 or higher.
  3. Log in at before January 31st, 2020.
  4. Enjoy your free 500 ACs!

How do you enter codes in Aqw?

Log into your Artix Entertainment account and make sure your AQWorlds account is linked….Redeem your Code

  1. Register a new Artix Entertainment account.
  2. Link your AQworlds game account to your master account.
  3. Enter your prize code to unlock a special game item for your game character.

Are bots allowed on Aqw?

Do not use bots. In addition to the dangers above, using them will get your account banned from AQWorlds!

What are artix points?

Artix Points is the universal currency for all Artix Entertainment games. You can use them with ANY of our games to get memberships, and premium currencies: AdventureCoins, Varium, SmashCoins, Soul Gems, and more!

How can I get free artix points?

You can earn free Artix Points by participating in special advertisement offers! Most Offers require you to sign up to a website, answer a survey, buy something, or sign up for a trial.

Can u change name in Aqw?

You can purchase a name change via the Account Manager for 2000 AdventureCoins. After logging into the Account Manager, choose Change Username to the left and then you can pick a new username. The name you choose has to be one that is currently available. …

Does ballyhoo still give ACs?

Ballyhoo has not given out ACs for months at this point. This fact was acknowledged by Alina who said she would look into getting a new advertiser to bring them back. This never happened, so ACs no longer drop.

How many classes are in Aqw?

It also includes advanced classes like dragonslayer. Players can unlock these jobs , typically by completing a chain of quests. Each class currently has 5 skills and two passive skills….Rep needed to rank up.

v • d • e Classes
Ingame Classes (Member) Berserker • Beast Warrior • ProtoSartorium • Doom Knight

What are the special codes for AQW World?

AQW Special Codes most Updated – These are the special codes that is used to obtain free items from specific NPC’s : 1. Valencia at /join museum: Blinding Rage Katana: hakunakatana Thirteen1 Badger Helm: thirteen1

Where to find the shop ID in AQW?

Shop ID AQW (Latest and Updated!) 1. Click “Tools” -> “Loaders/grabbers”. 2. Choose ” Shop ” option on second drop down list and put the Shop ID on first box. 399: Hacker Trap. DO NOT LOAD! 672: Building Shop.. Also Known as the Guild Building Shop 961: Shadowfall (Rare!) 1009: The Wyvern Shop (Lycan Cass) Reputation Lycan!

What are the classes of the AQW glitch?

Worked AQW Glitch AQW Class More AQW Class (Click Here) AQW Class Information Void Highlord Class Legion Revenant Class Lightcaster Class Lord of Order (Quest) Class Stone Crusher Class Arch Paladin Class Guides More AQW Guides (Click Here) Necrotic Sword of Doom (NSoD) Sepulchure’s Doomknight Armor (SDKA) Blinding Light of Destiny (BLoD)