How do you charge a remote control helicopter?

Charge via Remote Control: Open the charging lead compartment on the underside of the lower left hand corner of the remote control, and extend the charging lead. Turn the remote control ON. Plug the other end into the charging socket on the side of the helicopter.

Why is my remote control helicopter not working?

Some reasons why an RC helicopter won’t respond to its remote include a weak battery, the toilet bowl effect, worn gears, worn blades, worn motor brushes, a weakened receiver, or weak connections.

How do you take off a helicopter?

Flying a Helicopter: Taking Off

  1. First, the pilot opens the throttle completely to increase the speed of the rotor.
  2. Next, he or she pulls up slowly on the collective.
  3. As the pilot increases collective pitch, he or she depresses the left foot pedal to counteract the torque produced by the main rotor.

What causes a helicopter to lift off?

For a helicopter, a lift is generated by the way the main rotor blades are formed so the air is pushed in a downward movement when the blades spin. As the air pressure changes, the helicopter lifts up.

How helicopters are controlled?

A helicopter has four controls: collective pitch control, throttle control, antitorque control, and cyclic pitch control. The throttle control is twisted outboard to increase rotor rpm and inboard to decrease rpm. The antitorque controls are pedals linked to operate a pitch change mechanism in the tail rotor gearbox.

What are the four main controls of a helicopter?

They are the collective pitch control, the cyclic pitch control, and the antitorque pedals or tail rotor control. In addition to these major controls, the pilot must also use the throttle control, which is usually mounted directly to the collective pitch control in order to fly the helicopter.

How do you charge an exceed helicopter?

Sensor Control: Remote control helicopter will fly when you release the button and you can use your hand as a sensor, which makes it easier to control the helicopter for beginners and kids, and more stable for flying. How to Charge: please connect the helicopter to the computer or tablet by cable to charge.

How do you pair a Deerc helicopter?

② Turn on the power switch of the remote, you will hear the “Di” sound and the power indicator of the remote will flash. ③ Push the left joystick up then down to pair with the helicopter.