How do you beat Kishuna in Fire Emblem?

Reliable way to kill Kishuna in 19xH

  1. Take out the other boss before fighting Kishuna.
  2. Take out the rest of his troops and surround him with your units.
  3. Give everyone as many killer weapons that you can, or position them so you can trade them around.

What turn does Kishuna leave?

Remember that Kishuna appears on turn 3 and leaves at the beginning of turn 15 (enemy) or in the turn after you attack him, leaving those that appeared with him behind. If Aion dies before that turn, Kishuna won’t leave.

How do you unlock a 19xx?

A Glimpse in Time is Chapter 19xx (also known as Chapter 19x Part 2) of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It is unlocked by getting Nils up to Level 7 while playing Lyn’s story and killing Kishuna in Chapter 19x: Imprisoner of Magic. It is only available in Hector’s mode.

Who is Kishuna?

Kishuna is one of the numerous morphs Nergal created; he wears a red robe and his face is barely visible. He may appear three times in Hector’s story and twice in Eliwood’s, only in Gaiden chapters. Kishuna is killed during his third encounter in Hector’s story.

Can you beat Kishuna?

Nobody can double him. The most amount of damage one can do to him is 14, by Bartre, Dart, or Hector with a steel axe, and they have the magnificent hit rate of under forty.

What do Afa’s Drops do?

Afa’s Drops (アフアのしずく Afua no shizuku) are an item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. When used, Afa’s Drops boosts the growth rates of all its user’s stats by 5%.

Who can talk to Legault?

Legault can be recruited by having the main lord (either Eliwood or Hector depending on the mode) or Lyn speak to him. His goal before joining the player is to loot all of the items in the treasure chests in that level and make off with them.

How do I get support in fe7?

To activate supports, two characters must stand adjacent to one another for a certain amount of turns. Each turn, both characters receive a set amount of support points. Once they have enough support points, a support conversation can be initiated.

How do I recruit Farina fe7?

Recruitment. Speak to her in Chapter 25 of Hector’s story mode and pay her. It should be noted that if the player talks to her a second time, even if its the turn after the first conversation, and the player refuses to pay her, she will leave and it will become impossible to recruit her.

Who can use the earth seal in Fire Emblem?

It can be used to promote members of almost any base class as a substitute for more specific class change items, similar to Knight Proof of Thracia 776 and Master Seal of subsequent titles. It cannot be used to promote Lords, Thieves, or Pirates, who all still need to use their specific class change items.

Who is better Legault or Matthew?

In comparison to his fellow thief Mathew, Legault will have higher skill, luck and resistance, while having slightly lower hp and strength. He does have 2 higher con so he will be weighed down less.

Can you recruit Legault?