How do I write a good Reddit CV?

General resume advice:Use a professional-looking gmail, outlook, or personal domain email address. Don’t put an objective section or summary. Unless you have 20+ years’ experience, make it 1 page. Don’t put your full address. Name your resume “FirstName LastName Resume” and that’s it.

Should you put your grades on a CV?

There’s no need to list all your GCSE grades and subjects individually. Your recruiter won’t care what grade you got in English GCSE if you’ve got more relevant experience. As such, make sure to keep this section short, as it takes valuable space away from more important personal details.

How many pages should a CV be Reddit?

Yes, definitely 2 pages and under. Employers are getting 200+ resumes for every job they advertise; they don’t have time for anything more than 3 pages. Personally I always make it fit on one page. Depends on experience and how relevant your work history is to the desired role.

Can a resume be less than one page?

A resume can be more than one page. But make your resume as short as possible while still showing you’re experienced enough. Since most managers skim, two-page resumes can be daunting. But very experienced applicants can’t usually prove their worth without a two page resume.