How do I unpublish a SiteGround website?

Find the website you want to delete in your Client Area > Websites and click Manage next to it. Then click on the kebab menu right next to the Site Tools button and select Delete. On the next screen, please review carefully the information you will lose and then click Continue to complete the process.

How do I unpublish a WordPress SiteGround?

To do this, go to your Site Tools > WordPress > Install & Manage. Under Manage Installations, select the preferred one and go to the kebab menu > Delete Application. A new pop-up window will show up. To proceed with the deletion, click on Confirm.

What control panel does SiteGround use?

The control panel for managing your website(s) is called Site Tools.

How good is SiteGround hosting?

Bottom line: We found SiteGround to be noticeably faster and extremely reliable. Their hosting plans are flexible, and their customer support is one of the best in the industry. That’s why we’ve chosen to recommend SiteGround as one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

What is offline mode SiteGround?

You can still suspend sites when you are not happy with your client. You can do that from Websites > Manage > kebab menu > Offline Mode.

How do I temporarily take down a website?

How can I temporarily deactivate my website?

  1. Step 1 – Open the DNS settings. Sign in to your control panel.
  2. Step 2 – Deactivate DNS settings. Select DNS Records in the menu at the top and scroll down to Standard DNS settings.
  3. Step 3 – Done!

How do I get rid of siteground?

You can delete a site without closing the hosting plan and use the vacant slot for a new site. You can do that from Websites > Manage > kebab menu > Delete.

What is offline mode siteground?

Does SiteGround still use cPanel?

Those of you who are hosting on popular web host service Siteground, be aware that they are getting rid of cPanel on all their accounts, replacing the control panel with their own in-house built alternative. July 30th 2019 they are launching a redesigned user area with a new control panel they are calling ‘Site Tools’.

What operating system does SiteGround use?

What Linux OS SiteGround uses? All hosting solutions use Fedora. This is applicable for our Shared and Cloud servers.

Is SiteGround good for beginners?

SiteGround also provides best security, friendly and fast customer support, industry standard uptime, and ultra-fast web servers etc. These are the things which are very rare in the web hosting industry. So, we would definitely recommend SiteGround for our beginner and student readers.

Is SiteGround worth the money?

SiteGround is a highly recommended web host online because they have catered to WordPress users and yet still have affordable pricing. They are most known for their fast performance and equally fast support.