How do I read my Goodman model number?

For Goodman, you should look for two numbers at the far side of the middle of the cluster of digits in the model number that are divisible by 6 or 12, which represent the nominal BTU of the system in thousands.

What tonnage is my YORK air conditioner?

For York, you should look for first two numbers in the model number. They are divisible by 6 or 12, which represent the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, and 48 divided by 12 equals 4, so the data plate below indicates the system is 4 tons.

How do you tell the tonnage of a model number?

Find the model number. Within this string of letters and numerals, you should find an even, two-digit number. The possibilities on residential units range from 18 to 60. Divide the number by 12 (which represents 12,000 Btu/hr, or one ton of cooling capacity) to get your AC unit’s tonnage.

How do I tell what model my Goodman AC tonnage is?

Look at the tag on the outdoor unit there will be a 2 digit # in the model # such as 24, 30,36,42,48,54,or 60. That is the capacity in 1000`s of btu. Then divide that # by 12000 for the tonnage.

How old is my AC by serial number?

The most common way to to determine the carrier ac age is through the serial number. In the above style, the determining factor is having a letter in the middle of the serial number. The first two digits are the week of manufacturer. The second set of digits are the year of manufacture.

Is York a good AC?

York HVAC systems are considered one of the best brands particularly because they are known for their value pricing. The average cost to install a YORK air conditioner with a 16 SEER rating would cost $3,067 to $5,200 to install.

Where do I find the tonnage on my AC unit?

Your AC tonnage can easily be found by going outside and looking on the AC unit itself. When outside, you should see a data plaque mounted to the side of the condensing unit. Look for the model number, which is a combination of numerals and letters. Within this combination, you should find an even, two digit number.

How do I determine the tonnage of my AC unit?

To estimate your AC tonnage needs, multiply the number of square feet you’re cooling times 25. This equals the total number of BTUs you need to adequately cool your space. Next, divide that number by 12,000 to determine the tonnage capability you need in your new air conditioning unit.

How do I know the tonnage of my AC unit?

How many square feet will a 1 ton AC unit cool?

400 square feet
HVAC Tons Per Square Foot – Residential When calculating residential cooling capacity, it’s common to assume an HVAC unit can cool 400 square feet per ton of air conditioning capacity. Given the Las Vegas climate, this number can reach a maximum of about 600 square feet per ton for most buildings.