How do I make an appointment at the RMV?

To obtain the services an appointment must be made through Telephone Number 0112677877. As travel restrictions have been imposed by now in the country, the services provided by Narahenpita and Werahera Offices will be limited to Western Province.

How do I renew my Sri Lankan driving license?

Documents required by RMV to renew driving license in Sri Lanka

  1. Duly completed MTA 30/2 Offline Application.
  2. Current driving license.
  3. National Identity Card or a valid passport with the national identity card number.

How can I get driving Licence online in Sri Lanka?

How to apply for the revenue license

  1. Visit website.
  2. Create email account.
  3. Enter email and pass word.
  4. Select Government services from Service.
  5. Select e-Revenue license.

How can I get car Licence in Sri Lanka?

Following are the conditions required to obtain the service:

  1. Applicant being a citizen of Sri Lanka.
  2. Applicant being over 18 years of age.
  3. Sitting for a written test and a practical examinations.
  4. Produce with a certification of identity at both written and practical examinations.
  5. Passing of both above examinations.

How do I speak to someone at the Mass RMV?

  1. RMV Contact Center: 857-368-8000 (from the 339/617/781/857 MA area codes or from outside of MA)
  2. 800-858-3926 (from all other MA area codes) or email [email protected].
  3. The deaf and hard of hearing can call toll free at 877-RMV-TTDD (1-877-768-8833).
  4. Contact Center Hours: Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Can I walk in RMV?

Customers, if needed, are welcome to conduct walk-in transactions during early morning or late afternoon hours, but are advised they will be served after customers with prescheduled in-person appointments.

How do I update my driving Licence?


  1. Customer Happiness Centre in Umm Ramool.
  2. Customer Happiness Centre in Deira.
  3. Customer Happiness Centre in Al Barsha.
  4. Customer Happiness Centre in Al Manarah.
  5. Customer Happiness Centre in Al Towar.
  6. Customer Happiness Centre in Al Aweer.
  7. Customer Happiness Centre in Al Kifaf.

What are the documents required for renewal of driving Licence in Sri Lanka?

Renewal of Validity and Extension of Driving License

  • Current driving license.
  • National Identity Card or the valid passport with the national identity card number.
  • Medical Fitness certificate obtained from the Sri Lanka National Transport Institute within a period of six months.

How do you get a motor Licence?

Apply for a driving licence in Dubai- RTA Dubai….Required documents and procedures

  1. Copy of passport and residence visa page.
  2. Copy and original emirates ID card.
  3. 2 photographs.
  4. Eye test report.
  5. No objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).

Can you call the RMV?

Kathy Cormier: Customer Assistance number for RMV is 857-368-8080.

Can I go to the RMV without an appointment?

Customers without appointments may have to either wait until assistance can be offered or return to a center on another date. A scheduled appointment will save time and provide flexibility and convenience. This location offers Business to Business (B2B) transactions.