How do I find my IP camera URL?

The easiest way to find the security camera IP address is to check the Network page on the CCTV camera software (mobile app or PC client). The network page will display all the IP address information of your camera.

How do I create an IP camera URL?

You need the URL of the camera to create the ipcam object. The URL must be over the HTTP or RTSP stream for a Motion JPEG ( mjpeg ) camera, and over the RTSP stream for a H. 264 camera….Find IP Camera URL.

Vendor Model Number URL
Dlink DCS-2132L http:///video1.mjpg rtsp:///live3.sdp

How do I find my IP camera name?

There is a product label on IP Camera. You can check the Model Name from the product label. The second method to know the IP Camera’s model is using the EasyConfig software. Launch the EasyConfig software to find the IP Camera and you can see the IP Camera’s information in the search table.

How do I find the IP address of all devices on my network?

How to Find All IP Addresses on a Network

  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. Enter the command “ipconfig” for Mac or “ifconfig” on Linux.
  3. Next, input the command “arp -a”.
  4. Optional: Input the command “ping -t”.

How do I reset my Lilin IP camera?

The emergency factory reset button is usually located on the rear of the camera. Power the camera up and allow 2 – 3 minutes for the camera to boot up. Press and hold the emergency reset button for 30 seconds then release.

How do I find my camera RTSP URL?

If you’re looking at a Uniview camera or recorder, the RTSP is going to look like this: NVR: rtsp:// [USER] : [PASS] @ [ADDRESS] : [RTSP PORT] /unicast/c [CH] /s[STREAM TYPE]/live. IP Camera: rtsp:// [USER] : [PASS] @ [ADDRESS] : [RTSP PORT] /media/video[STREAM TYPE]

What is my RTSP URL?

Details. RTSP URL: the live stream URL of your IP camera. Different types of cameras have different URL formats, so you will need to find the RTSP URL that is correct for your camera stream. The URL may have a username/password in it as well.

How do I find my RTSP URL?


  1. Open VLC.
  2. Open Network.
  3. Insert RTSP URL.

What is UID number for IP camera?

UID (Unique ID) is a 16-character code needed when you access your Reolink cameras/NVRs from remote locations(based on P2P). You need to connect Reolink cameras/NVRs to a router and make sure that they have access to the Internet.

How do I find my device IP address?

Open Settings and browse to Network & internet > Wi-Fi. If you’re not already connected to your Wi-Fi network, tap its name and confirm that you’ve joined. Tap the network’s name and expand the Advanced section. Here, you’ll find your IP address and other information under Network Details.

How to view a JPEG image on Lilin HD?

The HTTP (M-JPEG) stream URL’s for the LILIN HD IP camera’s are: You can also use the following link to view a basic JPEG image. http:// /snap – single image that doesn’t update

Where can I find the RSTP URL for my IP camera?

If you require the RSTP URL’s for your LILIN camera they are available from within the camera GUI. Each stream has its own RTSP URL and can be used concurrently to stream to different locations as required. To find your IP cameras RTSP streams follow the simple steps below:

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