How do I create a standby redo log file?

To create new standby redo log file groups and members, you must have the ALTER DATABASE system privilege. The standby database begins using the newly created standby redo data the next time there is a log switch on the primary database.

How do I view standby redo log files?

How to identify standby redo logs? SQL> select * from v$logfile where type=’STANDBY’; .

How do I use redo log in standby database?

To start log apply services on a physical standby database, ensure the physical standby database is started and mounted and then start Redo Apply using the SQL ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE statement.

How do I drop and recreate redo logs in standby database?

On Standby Server:

  1. Cancel the Redo log apply service running.
  2. Change the STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT to MANUAL from AUTO in Standby Server.
  3. Add or Drop the Redo log file in Standby:
  4. Change the STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT parameter value to AUTO.
  5. Start the applied log service on standby.

How do I manually use redo logs?

To apply the archived redo logs in the archive gap

  1. Start up and mount the standby database (if it is not already mounted).
  2. Recover the database using the AUTOMATIC option:
  3. Cancel recovery after the Oracle database server has applied the available logs, by executing the following statement (or typing CTRL+C):

What is Fal_server and Fal_client in Oracle?

Answer: The fal_server and fal_client are init. ora parameters are used for the gap resolution. The fal_client specifies the FAL (fetch archive log) client name that is used by the FAL service, configured through the fal_server initialization parameter, to refer to the FAL client.

How many standby redo logs needed?

The standby redo log must have at least one more redo log group than the redo log at the redo source database. Standby redolog is mandatory for realtime apply. In 12c DEFAULT MRP will go to REAL TIME APPLY mode.

Why standby redo logs are required?

If you configure your standby for Maximum Protection, then Standby Redo Logs are required. Because a standby database exists, a second Archiver process (ARC1) will read from a completed Archived Redo Log and transmit the redo over the network to the Remote File Server (RFS) process running for the standby instance.

What are standby redo logs used for?

Standby redo logs are used to store data received from another database or the primary data source. Standby redo logs are present at the destination database end.

How do I rename a redo log file in standby database?

To move or rename a logfile do the following.

  1. Shutdown the database.
  2. Rename the physical file on the OS.
  3. Start the database in mount mode.
  4. Issue the ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE command to rename the file within the Oracle dictionary.
  5. Open the database.

How do I recover data from a redo log file?

Recovering After the Loss of All Members of an Online Redo Log Group

  1. Locate the filename of the lost redo log in V$LOGFILE and then look for the group number corresponding to it.
  2. Determine which groups are active.
  3. If the affected group is inactive, follow the procedure in Losing an Inactive Online Redo Log Group.

How do you rename redo log file online or offline give the command?

Startup the database, mount, but do not open it. Rename the redo log members. Use the ALTER DATABASE statement with the RENAME FILE clause to rename the database redo log files. ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE ‘/diska/logs/log1a.

What happens to a standby redolog in a database?

If you have Standby Redo Logs, the RFS process will write into the Standby Redo Log ,when there record entered in online redolog and when a log switch occurs, the Archiver Process of the Standby Database will archive this Standby Redo Log to an Archived Redo Log, while the MRP process applies the information to the Standby Database.

How big should the standby redo log be?

Standby redo log should be of same size as that of redo log size and number of groups should be +1 of whatever number of redo log groups you have it on your database. Let’s talk when you have status as “Clearing_curent”. Solution -> You can just clear the standby redo log group before dropping it.

Can a incomplete archivelog file be applied on a standby database?

An incomplete ArchiveLog file cannot be applied on the Standby Database and will not be used in a Failover situation. This causes a certain data loss.

How can I cancel the standby recovery process?

Step 1. First, Cancel the Standby Recovery Process. Step 2. Check the standby_file_management parameter and set the parameter to MANUAL. Step 3. Check the status of the Logfiles Before Dropping them. 6 rows selected. NOTE: If the status is CLEARING or CURRENT_CLEARING or ACTIVE sync the logfiles with the primary.