How do I cloak links in WordPress?

How To Cloak Affiliate Links In WordPress Without A Plugin

  1. Step 1: Create A New Folder On Your Server. Once you’ve connected to your site via FTP, create a new folder in the root folder of your site.
  2. Step 2: Upload index. php File.
  3. Step 3: Add Your Affiliate Links In redirects. txt File.
  4. Step 4: Use Robots.

How do you cloak a URL link?

How to mask (cloak) a destination URL

  2. Give the destination URL and other information (Watch video)
  3. Click on Mask URL option button.

How do I block affiliate links with redirect?

The basic process of cloaking affiliate links is simple:

  1. Create a folder from where you’ll serve your redirects. At Yoast, we use /out/.
  2. Block the /out/ folder in your robots.txt file by adding: Disallow: /out/
  3. Use a script in your redirect folder to redirect to your affiliate URLs.

How do I add affiliate links to WordPress?

Go to ‘Auto Affiliate Links’ menu in your WordPress Admin panel. Add your affiliate links, along with one or more keywords. Do this for every affiliate link you want to display. Select if you want your links to be nofollow, cloaked, to open in new window, and the maximum number of lniks that are added to every article.

Should you cloak your affiliate links?

Instead, you can cloak them. Once cloaked, your affiliate links will shorter and more descriptive, which should compel more users to click them. As a result, cloaking your affiliate links can drive higher click-through rates (CTRs) as well as more sales or conversions.

Is bitly a link cloaker?

Technically, you can cloak your affiliate links without a website by using services such as However, there are some drawbacks to this.

Are redirect links Safe?

However, you need to be sure anywhere you do redirects, they are done safely – otherwise you are putting your users in harm’s way by enabling phishing attacks. If the user clicks on the link, they will see your website in the link, but they will end up at whatever site the attacker wants to direct them to.

How does link cloaking work?

Link cloaking is the practice of disguising a URL by setting up a URL redirect. This shortens the URL’s length and rebrands it so that it’s easier to track and appears more trustworthy to the user who clicks on it.

Can I use affiliate links on WordPress?

Affiliate links are allowed on as long as the primary purpose of your blog is to create original content. We do not allow sites that exist primarily to drive traffic to affiliate links.