How do I choose a good CV?

Focus on achievements – the best CVs show the value candidates can offer, providing clear examples to support any claims made. Hard and soft skills – candidates should have technical ability and relevant experience, along with soft skills such as communication, leadership, problem solving and foreign languages.

How do I get my resume reviewed?

Important Note: Free resume review sites will only get you so far. For the best results, considering hiring a professional resume writing service to take your resume to the next level….And now for the detailed reviews …ResumeWorded. TopResume. Ladders. SkillRoads. ZipJob. The Resume Center. EmploymentBoost. LiveCareer.

Are resume writing services worth it?

A professional resume writing service, though, is more than just a means to an end. It is an investment in your job search efforts and could be the key to achieving broader career goals. And when you consider the return on that investment, the costs are minimal indeed!