How do I check my Ohio child support balance?

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is the phone-in telephone response system for the Ohio Child Support Program. The IVR system provides information on payment and balances as well as the telephone numbers and addresses of county CSEAs. The IVR telephone number is 1-800-860-2555.

Is there an app for Ohio child support?

The Ohio Child Support mobile app is available free through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It allows users to make online payments, review their payment history, update account information, contact child support workers, locate their child support agency and other related-features.

How much back child support is a felony in Ohio?

Ohio law provides criminal penalties for parents who fail to pay support for more than 26 out of 104 weeks, or who owe “arrearages” (overdue child support payments) in excess of $5,000. Special prosecutors handle these matters, and extensive non-payment of support is considered a felony.

At what age does child support stop in Ohio?

18 years old
According to state law, child support continues until the child is both 18 years old and graduates from high school. So, if your child is more than 18 years of age, you must still make payments if your child is enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited high school.

What is the new child support card for Ohio?

The Ohio Child Support debit card program offers the Platinum simONE Visa Prepaid Card to receive and use your support payments. Support payments are credited to your smiONE card within one business day of the date your payments are posted to your case. You do not need a bank account to enroll.

Can you look up child support cases in Ohio?

Ohio’s Child Support Customer Service Web Portal gives customers 24/7 access to their case information. The Ohio Child Support Customer Service Portal is Ohio’s web-based application which provides our customers easy on-demand access to their case information, currently on file with the child support agency.

Can you cancel child support in Ohio?

As previously stated, Ohio cannot terminate support without a court order. If your child now resides with you and no longer with the custodial parent, you need to file a motion to modify custody.

What is the new child support law in Ohio?

Ohio Child Supports Laws 2019 However, the minimum monthly child support payment per child will now be $80 per month (it used to be $50 per month). 2) If your parenting time is greater than 90 overnights per year, your child support obligation could be reduced.

Can child support arrears be forgiven in Ohio?

Ohio now has a “waiver and compromise” program. This means that local child support enforcement agencies have the authority to negotiate the compromise or forgiveness of child support arrears owed to the state if an obligor can prove financial hardship.

Does back child support go to the child when they turn 18 in Ohio?

Even after a support order has ended, the person ordered to pay support must still pay past-due support. In Ohio, children emancipate when they reach 18 and graduate from high school or on their 19th birthday if they continue at attend high school on a full-time basis.

How do you start child support?

Starting a case to get child support 1. Fill out your child support forms 2. File your forms with the court 3. Tell the other party about your case 4. Fill out financial affidavit 5. Going to court for a child support case 6. Mail form to the other parent’s employer

How do you check your child support?

Contacting the office or agency that handles child support cases in your jurisdiction is typically the best way to find out how to check child support status. A representative may provide you with a website address you can visit to check on child support or an automated telephone line you can call for the information you need.

How do I find out if someone filed for child support?

Go to the state’s child-support enforcement website. Some states post photographs of delinquent parents online, and some local governments do so as well. Go online to the county courthouse. Use your name or the other parent’s name to find out if any child-support actions have been filed.

How do you check your child support payments online?

Visit your state’s website. You can find the appropriate website by searching for “your state” and “child support payment online.” Many states use the ExpertPay service website for online payments. Once at the website, look to see how you can create an account. There should be a link.