How do I adjust the Fox on RC2?

To change the range of bottom-out control damping characteristics of your DHX RC2 shock, attach a FOX High Pressure Pump to the air valve on the reservoir. For more bottom-out resistance, add 10-15 pounds of air pressure, to a maximum of 200 PSI.

How do you adjust a Fox Van RC shock?

Adjusting Rebound

  1. Make sure your low-speed compression adjuster (VAN RC only) is set to its lightest setting (fully counter-clockwise).
  2. Starting with the rebound adjuster in the fully open position (counter-clockwise) push down on the saddle to compress the shock and feel its return speed.

How do you set up Fox 40s?

Setting Fork Air Pressure

  1. Unscrew the air cap on top of the left fork leg counter-clockwise to expose the Schrader valve.
  2. Attach a FOX High Pressure Pump to the Schrader valve.
  3. Pump your fork to the appropriate pressure as listed in the ‘Suggested starting points for setting sag’ table below, then remove the pump.

How much air do I put in my rear Fox shock?

For the rear shock, start at about half of your rider weight for air pressure. You will have to adjust from here, but you will want to achieve the proper SAG for your frame, as recommended by your frame manufacturer. Typically this is somewhere between 30-40% of overall travel.

Can Fox Shocks be adjusted?

FOX Shocks (if equipped) If desired, the suspension may be adjusted to maintain ground clearance when carrying additional weight. To adjust the preload, do the following: Elevate the vehicle to allow the suspension to fully extend.

Are Fox shocks adjustable?

Eight Way Adjustable. The single adjustable option of Fox’s 2.0 Performance Series Reservoir Shocks allows you to adjust compression with 8 valving options with just a twist of a knob. With 8 clicks of compression adjust-ability you can set your shocks to meet your driving needs from very soft to very firm.

What should I do with my DHX RC4 shock?

If you are bottoming out but like the way the shock is feeling, try reducing your Air-Assist volume before increasing your HSC. The HSC adjuster has ~12 clicks of adjustment range. Air Assist in the DHX RC2/RC4 shocks can help you fine tune your spring rate. You can adjust both Air Assit pressure and Air Assist rate.

Can a Fox 2.0 coil over shock be opened?

The Fox 2.0 coil-over shock contains a high pressure nitrogen charge. The shock should only be opened by an authorized FOX technician. WARNING: Opening a nitrogen pressurized shock can be dangerous and can result in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. NEVER attempt to disassemble the damper of your 2.0 coil-over shock.

Where is the Red rebound knob on a DHX shock?

Place the spring retainer back on the shock and under the spring ensuring that the open slot on the spring retainer rests on the flat part of the spring end. Tighten the preload ring just until the spring no longer moves. Turn the preload ring one additional full turn. The red rebound knob is located on the shaft eyelet of DHX shocks.

How to calculate crossover ring placement for a shock?

STEP 5 Use the following formula to calculate crossover ring placement: Crossover Ring Placement = Shaft Travel (in.) x Crossover Point x Spring Correction Factor EXAMPLE • A 5.2-inch travel shock with a 225 lb-in main spring and an 800 lb-in tender spring.