How can I watch Cutting It?

How to Watch Cutting It. You are able to stream Cutting It by renting or purchasing on iTunes.

Is Cutting It on Amazon Prime?

Watch Cutting It, Season 3 | Prime Video.

Is Ruby Alis daughter in Cutting It?

He left her when he found out she was pregnant, but he’s back in town to try and woo Allie. Gavin eventually discovers that Henhall Ferraday’s trainee stylist Ruby is really Allie and Finn’s daughter – Allie didn’t have the abortion after all.

Is Cutting It on BBC iPlayer?

Early 2000s hit hairdressing drama Cutting It comes to BBC iPlayer, with all four series available to stream as a box set from today. Cutting it joins a number of box sets that have been added to iPlayer recently, including new series The Secret She Keeps, Mrs.

How many series of cut it are there?


Cutting It
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 25
Running time 60 minutes

How many episodes of cut it are there?

Cutting It/Number of episodes

How many series of Cutting It was Amanda Holden in?

four series
It ran for four series between 2002 and 2005. The show featured a number of actors who have since become established stars, including Amanda Holden and Ben Daniels.

How old is Sarah Parish?

53 years (June 7, 1968)
Sarah Parish/Age

How many series of cutting it was Amanda Holden in?

How many episodes of cutting it are there?

Is there a series 5 of cutting it?

“We’re thinking of what else we might do. But Cutting It as Cutting It will not return.” Jane said she felt the series had come to a natural end.

What happened to Ruby in Cutting It?

Gaskell is known for the roles of Ruby Ferris in the BBC One drama series Cutting It and Kirsty Clements in Casualty. When she joined Casualty she said in interviews that she was contracted indefinitely, but her pregnancy meant that she left after only one year.

Where does the TV series Cutting It take place?

Cutting It is a BBC television drama series set in Manchester, England, focusing on the lives and loves of the team running a hairdressing salon. It ran for four series between 2002 and 2005.

Who are the main characters in cutting it?

Allie’s sisters, Darcey and Sydney, are the salon’s beautician and nail technician. Allie and Gavin also employ three more staff, hairdresser Shane, junior Ruby and accountant Eugene. Their parents, Brawdie and Tom, complete the regular cast. Finn Bevan, Allie’s ex, and his current wife, Mia, open a rival salon across the road.

Who was the actress who played Ruby in cutting it?

Lucy Gaskell (Ruby Ferris) After playing Allie’s daughter Ruby in Cutting It, Lucy has continued to appear in long list of TV projects, including in Doctor Who ‘s classic episode ‘Blink’ as Kathy Nightingale in 2007.

Who was the actress who played Mia in cutting it?

3. Amanda Holden (Mia Bevan) Amanda played Allie’s rival Mia, who was Finn’s partner and co-owner of another salon across the road at the beginning of the series. However, she was soon a woman scorned when Allie won him back, and she eventually started working as an escort before torching both salons and burning them to the ground.