How can I check my C form in Haryana?

Any user, who wants to verify the authenticity of the C Form issued, can verify using the following link Just enter the C Form number and click on Search to view the details.

How can I check my C form status?

Enter the following details to know the status of your application for registration as a VLE.

  1. Enter the application reference number that was shared on your email address post the submission of the application form.
  2. Proceed to click on submit.

How can I download C form online in Haryana?

Steps for Dealer Registration

  1. Open website and click on “Apply C Form online” link.
  2. Click on the New to Online C Form Portal?
  3. A new page will be opened where in the Dealer has to enter the TIN Details of the firm / Company they own and Click on the Search button.

What is C form Haryana?

Haryana Shops Act. Form C – Register of employees. This form contains employee wise details Name of the Establishment, name of employee,Interval for Rest & meals, Overtime, leave, remuneration and deductions.

How can I download C form?

  1. Guidelines for Form – C Download.
  2. How to Download Form C.
  3. Please Login Using. Your User Id and. Password. Click Here and Go to. Next Page.
  4. Click Browse button and. select Excel File and Click. Import Button. For Add More. Excel File Click.
  5. For Generating From- C click. on Generate Form C Link.
  6. Click For Downloading. Generated Form C.

What is C form?

C form is a certificate issued by the registered purchaser of the goods of any state to the registered seller of other state. The lesser amount of Central Sales Tax is charged on central sale if the purchaser issues the ‘C’ form. Now a days generally 2% sales tax is charged on central sale against ‘C Form’.

What happens if C form is not submitted?

Hi, – During the assessment, seller will be required to submit Form C. If it is not submitted, seller will be liable to pay differential tax and interest on tax. Tax will be computed from the date of payment of concessional tax to the date of payment of the differential tax.

How can I download C form in up?

Go to the website ( and Go To the Dealer’s Login Panel. 2. Once you can login using login credentials you will see the Forms Download Page. Then Click On the Form-C – Form of DECLARATION Link.

How can I print out C form?

To print the C Form, click Print on the File menu (Refer Figure 13: Print option). The Print window displays (Refer Figure 14: Print window). 8. In the Print window, select the printer from the list available in the Select Printer section.

Can we apply for C form online?

Accordingly, Central Repository section has been established at all locations in the State for issuance of these forms. As a move towards e-governance, the facility for online filing of application for issuance of forms has also been introduced in the Central Repository all over the state.

How can I get my C form online?

Searching a C Form A C form can be searched by visiting the website of TINXSYS. The search can be conducted by entering details of the type of form, name of state, series number and serial number. Click here to search C Form.

How to apply for C form in Haryana?

Apply for C Form Dealers registered in the State of Haryana will give C-Form while making purchases from Dealers registered in other States. The Dealers have to furnish the details of the Seller (Dealers of other States) along with the Invoice Number, Date, a brief description of the Goods purchased, Tax amount along with the Invoice Amount.

How to check verification of certificate in Haryana?

Users can check the Verification of Certificates/Licenses/Approvals by providing the Edisha Transaction ID received (in mail/phone) as given by the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies of the state (Haryana). Find details on issuing of caste or community certificate to SC ST and OBC for Central Govt service by Haryana Govt.

How to get change of name in Haryana?

Citizens of Haryana State can apply for change of Name to be published in Haryana Government Gazette. Caste Certificate forms allow citizen to apply for various caste certificates in haryana. Citizen can apply for EBGC certificate. Financial Assistance on death of the un-registered construction worker, Haryana

How to apply for marriage certificate in Haryana?

Apply for Marriage certificate in Haryana provided by the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies of the state. Information about documents required and guidelines to fill the form is given. Users can fill the details in Hindi Language also.