How can I change my PTCL router settings?

PTCL Router Login: How to access PTCL router settings

  1. Access to the network where the PTCL router is.
  2. The default or custom login details (IP address, username and password)
  3. STEP 1 – Open your favorite browser.
  4. STEP 2 – Type the PTCL Router Login IP in the URL bar.
  5. STEP 3 – Enter the PTCL router login details.

How can I reset my PTCL admin password?

What can I do if I forget the login username/password of my DSL modem/router?

  1. Step 1 Turn off the router.
  2. Step 2 Press and hold the reset button on the rear panel with a pin, then turn on the router.
  3. Step 3 Release the reset button and wait for the device to reboot.
  4. Note:

How can I change my DSL WIFI password?

DSL Modem Wireless Password Change

  1. Open an Internet Browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Enter the username and password.
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Network Settings.
  4. Under the tab Basic Wireless Setup.
  5. To save all the changes you made, click Apply.

What is PTCL login?

A single account that allows to access many PTCL online services. Monitor data usage. View or pay bills. Download our app to access PTCL services from mobile Create a New Account.

What is PTCL login and password?

You need to type username and password of your PTCL modem. Most of the times, the default username is “admin” and also the password is “admin”.

How do I change my 192.168 10.1 password?

Configure Your Router With 192.168. 10.1

  1. Go to the general settings menu.
  2. Choose the router password or similarly-named option.
  3. Enter your desired password.
  4. Save the changes.

How can I get my PTCL router password?

You need to type username and password of your PTCL modem. Most of the times, the default username is “admin” and also the password is “admin”. If username and password for PTCL Broadband modem is not “admin” then you can check username and password of it on the back of PTCL modem or the modem box.

How can I change my PTCL router password?

How to Change PTCL WIFI Password

  1. Open your web browser and type 192.168. 1.1 or 192.168.
  2. You will be asked about the username and password. Type admin in both username and password field.
  3. Click on wireless and then on Security. Look for the WPA/WAPI passphrase bar option.
  4. Click on it and set a new password.

How can I know my PTCL WiFi password?

The default username for mostly modem is “admin” and the password is also “admin”. You also can check the username and password for the PTCL Broadband on the back of the PTCL router or on the modem box if the PTCL Broadband modem username and password is not “admin”.

How do you log into your router?

Step 1: Open your web browser and type in the IP address of the router (192.168. 0.1 by default). Step 2: Enter the username (admin) and password (blank by default), and then click OK or Log In.

How can I find my PTCL modem password?

How do we configure static IP in PTCL modem?

How we configure static IP PTCL: Insert your purchased ID address that given by PTCL. set Dedault gateway that is Through this steps you can get configure static ip in ptcl modem. now in below side we are sharing Static IP advantage:

What kind of router should I get?

For anyone in a crowded home with multiple devices connected at once, a high-end, dual-band router is your best bet. If your family can’t stop streaming Netflix, a tri-band router with two 5GHz bands is definitely something to consider. On that note, pay attention to how many Ethernet ports a router has.

Why is my TP Link not working?

Generally, people have a steady version fixed on their router. Unfortunately, TP-Link router not working after firmware update problem is arising because of certain errors such as unresponsive wireless network, hanging issues, and other minor problems.