How big is a cassette label?

The tape is 0.15 in (3.81 mm) wide, with each mono track 1.5 millimetres (0.059 in) wide, plus an unrecorded guard band between each track. In stereo, each track is further divided into a left and a right channel of 0.6 mm (0.024 in) each, with a gap of 0.3 mm (0.012 in).

Can you make a copy of a cassette tape?

Audio cassettes can be copied quickly and easily using a dual cassette deck. While you will have to wait for the tape to play all the way through, most dual cassette decks feature “high-speed dubbing” that will play and record at a faster speed.

Are blank cassette tapes still made?

But Armitage’s Facebook group is about blank tapes, not albums – and it highlights the conspicuous absence of blanks from the cassette revival. Today they are available only sporadically, even where new tapes are sold, and certainly not in the variety they once were.

Does anyone use cassettes anymore?

Music cassettes are back. The vinyl resurgence has been keeping independent record stores alive for years, and it hit a milestone in 2020: Music fans spent more money on LPs than CDs last year for the first time since 1986. It’s now also about cassette tapes, which are making a comeback.

What is the best way to convert cassette tapes to digital?

USB cassette converter: The cheapest, easiest way to convert tapes to digital files. You just plug the converter into your computer, and its accompanying software does the job. Keep in mind the audio quality won’t match that of a more expensive cassette tape player.

Can you print a photo on a cassette label?

Our cassette labels allow full-bleed printing – that means you can print a photo background that bleeds off the edges of the label Submit your 1-up artwork sized exactly 1088 x 525 pixels which is including the bleed area and please do not embed the template into your artwork.

How to make your own cassette cover template?

If using PDF templates, send two files: one with template lines showing, and one without. Available by special request. To make your own simply double the height of the template. A U-card is shaped like a U. The back panel covers the entire back of the cassette case.

Do you have to cover the back of a cassette box?

The back panel covers the entire back of the cassette case. You must use cassette boxes which have no hub lock posts, otherwise the U-Cards need die-cutting or drilling to make a hole that fits over the posts. By default we will use the NO-POST cases and will not drill the holes.

How big should the margin be on a cassette cover?

Also, if you put important words or art too close to the trim line, it may get cut off, so you should use a safety margin of 1/8″ or 3mm. Cassette orders should include text that reads ‘Made in Canada’ or ‘Manufactured in Canada’ on the J-card artwork in order to safely cross the border.