Get To Generate Traffic Without Social Media Or SEO

There are simple methods for generating traffic without even getting right into SEO or social media. You all need to generate traffic to the content. You are in need of the relevant targeted traffic for getting the content to create seen by people it is intended for. Social Media and SEO can also be seen as some of the huge methods for growing traffic to site and they are quite popular in this regard.

But, there are some other easy steps to consider over here, which can help in generating traffic without Social Media or even getting right into SEO.

Increase website traffic without social media

You can first ever get introduced into the world of Google Alerts: You might have known the importance of Google Alerts as of now through some of the guides on Google Alerts, available online. Now, it is time for you to expand that idea and just drill down right into what you have learned about the article so far and learn how you can work out with the best ever traffic generation strategy.

Anyone can easily employ this said strategy within a couple of minutes only, and end up generating traffic to the content. Other than focusing on the Instagram followers, you might want to focus in this current art of Google Alerts too.

Traffic generation help with the help of Google Alerts:

You always have the right to generate traffic without the use of social media and SEO but with the help from Google Alerts. This method is primarily used for generating niche targeted traffic as one of the easiest method used for bringing traffic to blog site.

  • All that you have to do in this regard is to just find some of the relevant blogs, which are here to post some of the new content related to the ones you have already created. To work on that, you might have to get some help from the Google Alerts.
  • Google Alerts is mainly stated as a free Google Tool, which is designed to send you some daily email alerts whenever any new content has been published, which might be of some interest in you. If you want, you can just set the parameters on the Google Alerts for finding top bloggers in niche so that you might get alerted to new content, which is to be published.
  • Whenever you end up with some relevant and traffic generating content, the next step is to divert some of the traffic which the content receives, towards your way. You can work on that by just writing good relevant comment on article which can ask question and add some value to it.
  • This step can put your take on the present subject and carry it forward. You can always make the comment engaging and quite insightful for getting attention to readers and author. If you want, you can always add the site link right to website box where you have commented so that you can actually click through.
  • Always remember that this comment needs to be good and should offer some value to post or it might not get enough past moderations. So, always be sure to go through the article completely and scan tough the lines with utmost care before you finally end up posting a comment.

How this source will work:

You are well-aware of the basic traffic based generation strategy, which you get to use with Google Alerts. Now the time has come to actually drill down and then show ways to apply for the Google Alerts for boosting the traffic. A simple graphic point can actually help you know more about the settings needed for enabling you in finding traffic based articles.

  • The first stop is search query. Here, you get the chance to add Google Alerts search terms, for example, social media.
  • In the result type, you can pull down the menu and then select blogs.
  • Thirdly you have to select the language in question.
  • In the region tab, you can leave it to any region of your choice, but if you want, you can drill down and to any country specified one, if needed.
  • In the How Often section, you will come across a pull-down menu. Here, you have all the chance to be the first ne to comment. It means more people will be able to see and then read through your comment.
  • Under How Many section, you can select “only best results.”
  • The last one is the Deliver To tab here you have to add your email address where you want the answer to get delivered.

Once you have followed the step really well, you have to click on one tab for the last time and that tab is called “Create Alert.” You are done and there is no turning back from there to be sure.

Traffic generation with the current viral content bee:

For some people, this headline is just like an alien with no understanding whatsoever. Just to put it in simple terms, Viral Content Bee is mainly software where you get the chance to earn credits for any kind of social sharing contents of other members. After that, you can use the credits earned for adding to own projects into rotation for members to just share.

Get To Generate Traffic Without Social Media Or SEO

For some people, there might be an argue on the point that Vital Content Bee is a social media. But the reality is that this VCB is actually a platform, which will allow you to show your content to community. However, there is not going to be any real engagement with members on current social media level. The only form of social media element over here is just clicking share for earning some points. It happens to be one quality site with amazing members. It gets to check article submissions for quality.

So, there is no need of affiliate programs or any of the money making schemes, which are associated with VCB. The focus is only and only associated with the quality.