Does Katy Perry have a website?

Katy Perry | Official Site.

How can I email Katy Perry?


  1. For Returns: [email protected].
  2. For Other Inquiries: [email protected].
  3. Public Relations: [email protected].

Does Katy Perry have a child?

Daisy Dove Bloom
Katy Perry/Children

Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, in August 2020. The 36-year-old announced her pregnancy with her song “Never Worn White” in the middle of the show’s third season on ABC, but 19th season overall.

What is Katy Perry’s real name?

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Katy Perry/Full name
Katy Perry, original name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, (born October 25, 1984, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.), American pop singer who gained fame for a string of anthemic and often sexually suggestive hit songs, as well as for a playfully cartoonish sense of style.

What is Katy Perry’s number?

Call Katy Perry Now At 805-754-2138. Give Katy Parry a call. She’s got numbers in the US, UK Spain, France, Italy and Australia.

Does Katy Perry have any children?

Katy was previously married to Russell Brand , 43, and they were together from 2009 to 2012, but did not have any children. While Katy and Orlando have been on-and-off since 2016,…

Why did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom break up?

Katy Perry split with Orlando Bloom because ‘he didn’t want marriage or kids’. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom split because she wanted to get married and have babies and he didn’t, it is claimed.

Is Katy Perry really pregnant?

Katy Perry is pregnant and having a “shotgun wedding” with Orlando Bloom , according to a new report.

Is Katy Perry married now?

Katy Perry is not currently married, though she has recently restarted her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom .