Does HP make MICR?

HP CE410A compatible MICR toner cartridge for printing color checks, designed for HP Color Laserjet Pro 300 M351/M375nw and 400 M451/M475 printers.

Do I need a special printer for MICR?

So you must use a laser printer to print MICR encoded checks. This special magnetic “ink” is only available for laser printers. You must purchase special laser printer toner cartridges that contain magnetic particles. The standard toner cartridges that come with your laser printer will not work.

What is HP MICR toner?

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner is a crucial part of encoding, reading, and sorting checks and other negotiable and non-negotiable documents. The magnetic ink cartridge supplies we offer are for HP LaserJet printers and come with fast free shipping and are 100% Guaranteed!

Is HP 58A a MICR?

HP 58A OEM Modified CF258A MICR Toner Cartridge (2-Pack) for check printing, designed for HP LaserJet Pro M404 M428 MFP series printers. MTI printing products are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that page yield and print quality match OEM standards.

Which HP printers use MICR toner?

VersaCheck® Presto software download & check paper included… everything needed to print your own checks! Page yield – up to 1,000 pages (3,000 checks)* per included MICR print cartridge….BONUS! Additional Regular Black Toner Cartridge.

Feature Specification / Comments
Dimensions 13.6 x 7.5 x 6.3 in
Weight 8.4 lb

What printers use MICR?

Laser printers with MICR toner are the ideal option when it comes to printing checks. The magnetic particles required for MICR printing are much more compatible with the solid toner material of laser printing than its liquid ink counterpart.

Can I print checks without MICR ink?

The short answer is, Yes! If you’re printing checks on blank check stock, you certainly need a MICR printer and the security features that are exclusive to high-quality, OEM MICR toner. Checks won’t meet banking standards and could be rejected by a bank.

What is MICR toner used for?

Paycheck and personal checks in the United States and Canada use MICR toner to allow for machines to read the ink directly off the page. But what is MICR toner? MICR is an acronym that stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It is the process used to create machine readable information on documents.

What is the difference between MICR toner and regular toner?

MICR toner is similar to standard laser printer toner, but it includes an iron oxide additive. This allows for electronic processing and ensures compliance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications for readability.

What type of printer is best for printing checks?

Top 9 Best Printer for Checks Reviewed in 2021

  • HP Laserjet Pro P1109w Monochrome Laser Printer for Check Printing.
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw Printer.
  • VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer.
  • Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI Wireless Monochrome Laser Check Printer.
  • VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755MX, MICR All-In-One Printer.

Can you use MICR toner for regular printing?

Just like it is possible to print checks with non-MICR toner, it is also possible to print checks using a standard laser printer with a MICR toner cartridge. But we do not recommend that you do that. To be sure that you are meeting ANSI standards, it’s best to use MICR toner in a MICR printer when printing checks.

Is MICR ink expensive?

MICR doesn’t have to be expensive. While many of the applications that we tested are designed for high volumes of check printing and multiple clients, and permit micro-fine MICR line positioning, it is possible to produce MICR checks on a budget.