Does Garmin Edge 500 have maps?

The Edge 500 does not have a functioning map page. The Edge 500 was designed with simplicity and ease of use, therefore, the device will only show data field pages.

How do I reset my Garmin Edge 500?

With the Edge 500, that two button combination is the Power/Light (upper-lefthand corner) and the diagonally across and down Lap/Reset button. From the off state, hold those two together until it powers up and a prompt appears to reset user data.

How do I clear the memory on my Garmin Edge 500?

To delete the history from the Edge 500:

  1. Press and hold Power/Light to power on the Edge 500.
  2. Press and hold Page/Menu.
  3. Select History.
  4. Select Delete. Select Indv. Activities to delete one activity at a time. Select All Activities to delete all ride data from the history.
  5. Select Yes.

How do I connect my Garmin 500 to my computer?

Connecting the Device to Your Computer

  1. Pull up the weather cap from the USB port.
  2. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the USB port.
  3. Plug the large end of the USB cable into a computer USB port. Your device appears as a removable drive in My Computer on Windows® computers and as a mounted volume on Mac® computers.

Does edge 500 have Bluetooth?

I know the Edge 500 cannot do this automatically as it does not have Bluetooth or Wifi, but it can connect without cables to the Cadence Sensor, etc.

How do I download routes to my Garmin Edge 500?

On the website, navigate to your route or ride. If your computer prompts you to save the file to a specific location, place it somewhere memorable like the desktop. Open the Garmin folder located inside the Garmin drive. Click/drag the exported file from your desktop to the NewFiles folder.

Can Garmin Edge 500 connect to iPhone?

Most Edge devices can be paired quite easily by simply following the prompts in the Garmin Connect app, but some older Edge devices require that you also access your iPhone’s bluetooth settings during the pairing process.

How do I hard reset my Garmin?

The hard reset can also be accessed through the menu system: Hold the menu button and select Settings > System > Reset. Here you’ll need to select Delete Data and Reset Settings in order to restore default settings and clear all data such as activities or music. Select Continue > Yes to complete the task.

How do I reset my Garmin Edge to factory settings?

factory reset?

  1. Turn device off.
  2. Hold the Down key while powering on the device.
  3. Continue holding the down key until the “Factory Reset” prompt appears.
  4. Select OK to clear.

Why is my Garmin memory full?

Garmin is aware of an issue that can cause your watch to display a message “Memory Full Delete History”. A software update has been released to resolve this issue. This will provide the space needed on the device to update your watch and continue to record activities.

How do I clear data from my Garmin?

Garmin Connect Web

  1. Sign in to Garmin Connect web from a web browser.
  2. Select Training from the navigation bar on the left.
  3. Select Segments.
  4. Select your completed Segment.
  5. Select the trashcan icon on the bottom right.
  6. Select Delete to confirm.