Do you get paid to be a poll worker in Michigan?

Yes. You will be paid at an hourly rate no lower than the minimum wage. Election workers are covered by the federal Minimum Wage Act.

How do I become an election in Michigan?

To be an election worker, you must be a registered voter of the state. If you are not yet registered to vote but want to serve, you can register to vote online (at and then sign up.

What is a election inspector?

ELECTION INSPECTOR INFORMATION Election Inspectors play a vital role at voting sites. They work directly with voters and. assist in the following areas: • Check-in registered voters and provide the voter with a ballot and voter number. • Register qualified individuals to vote who are new voters or have an address or.

Who controls elections in Michigan?

Secretary of State: Michigan election law designates the Secretary of State as Michigan’s “chief election officer” with supervisory control over local election officials in the performance of their election related duties.

How much are election workers paid in Michigan?

Training is typically 2-1/2 hours, held during the two weeks prior to the election in a morning or afternoon session. All workers receive $20 for attending their new worker or bi-annual training session. To be eligible to serve as an Election Worker, one must be a registered voter in the State of Michigan.

Are election officials paid?

Depending on the country or jurisdiction, election officials may be identified as members of a political party or non-partisan. They are generally volunteers or paid a small stipend for their work.

Is Election pay taxable?

Compensation paid to election workers is includible as wage income for income tax purposes, and may be treated as wages for Social Security and Medicare (FICA) tax purposes. Election workers may be compensated by a set fee per day or a stipend for the election period.

Who is the governor of Michigan?

Gretchen Whitmer (Democratic Party)Since 2019
Governor Gretchen Whitmer She’s an attorney, an educator, former prosecutor, State Representative, and Senator. But the most important title she boasts is MOM. Inspired by her family, she’s devoted her life to building a stronger Michigan for all and governed through unprecedented, colliding crises.

Is election pay taxable?

Do election workers receive a w2?

Reporting Requirements Government entities must file a Form W-2 for election workers who receive payments of $600 or more, even if no FICA and income tax were withheld. Section 6051(a) requires reporting of compensation subject to either FICA tax or income tax withholding.