Do I need a Covid test to fly into San Diego?

If you are traveling domestically, you are not required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test unless the destination requires it, and San Diego does not.

What terminal is gate A18?

Domestic Terminal 1 The following airlines serve Terminal 1 Concourse A: Air Canada at Gate A17; Delta at Gate A2, A3, A4, A6, A8, and A10; and United at Gate A14, A16, A18, A19, and A21.

How do I find the right gate at the airport?

The gate number is typically offered when you check in for your flight online or in person at the airport. You can also find your gate number on the monitors at the airport that show information about departure and arrival times. Make sure that you are present at the gate at the boarding time indicated.

How do I pick someone up from the San Diego airport?

Picking up passengers is so much more convenient when you don’t have to drive in circles. Just pull into the Cell Phone Lot and wait for the call. The lot features approximately 100 parking spaces and portable restrooms.

Do you have to quarantine if you fly into California?

California has no travel restrictions or requirements at this time. Help keep California open and our communities healthy by following CDC travel guidelines.

What terminal is American Airlines at EWR?

Terminal A

Airlines Terminal
American Airlines American Airlines Terminal A
Austrian Airlines Austrian Airlines Terminal B
Avianca Avianca Terminal B
British Airways British Airways Terminal B

What terminal is Gate A in IAH?

IAH has the following security checkpoints: Terminal A North serves gates A1 to A15 and is open from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. Terminal A South serves gates A17 to A30 and is open from 3:45 10 p.m.

What do you do when you find the gate at the airport?

Find your gate Once you confirm the gate for your flight, look for signs that direct travelers toward different parts of the airport. You might have to take a quick tram to another terminal, but this should be clearly marked for travelers.

What do you do when you get to your gate at the airport?


  1. Check-in for your flight.
  2. Hand over any luggage that would need to go into the aircraft hold, if you are travelling with luggage.
  3. Pass through the airport security gates to the departures hall.
  4. Find your boarding gate.
  5. Board the plane and fly to your destination.

What terminal is arrivals at San Diego airport?

San Diego Airport – Terminal 2 Arrivals – Today.

What terminal is American Airlines at San Diego airport?


Airline Terminal Phone Number
Air Canada T2 1-888-247-2262
Alaska Airlines T2 1-800-252-7522
Allegiant Air T1 1-702-505-8888
American Airlines T2 1-800-433-7300

Where is Terminal 1 at San Diego airport?

1 Terminal 1, East past the checkpoint near Gate 23 2 Terminal 1, West on the north Concourse near Gate 36 3 Terminal 2, East at the top of the rotunda escalator

Where are the gates at San Diego airport?

1 East, Gates 20-32 1st level lobby near escalator (Pre-Security) 2 East, near Gate 23, past checkpoint (Alaska, American) 3 Baggage Claim, near Carousel 4 4 West, near Gate 36 5 West, Gates 33-51, in Sunset Cove, underneath escalator

Where are the security checkpoints at San Diego airport?

At the T2 East (gates 22-33) security checkpoints passengers go through thorough checking, near the Alaska and American ticket counters. If you want to get a sense for how long it will take to get through security to the terminals, check out the San Diego Airport Security Wait Times page.

Where is baggage claim at San Diego airport?

Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport also consists of carousels for baggage claim located at the center of the terminal. In order to reach these carousels there are clear signs leading up to the carousel at the ground floor of this terminal as well.