Did LeVar Burton create Reading Rainbow?

Show details. Reading Rainbow was hosted by actor and executive producer LeVar Burton, who at the time was known for his role in Roots. The show was produced first by Lancit Media Entertainment (1983-2001), and then, by On-Screen Entertainment (2002-2006). It was created and produced in 1981.

Why did LeVar leave Reading Rainbow?

But in January 2007, LeVar revealed that the show was coming to an end and that he’d already shot Reading Rainbow’s last episode. Although he was tight-lipped about the exact reason for the show’s end, he suggested that he wasn’t happy with the “direction that the new producers were taking the program.”

When did LeVar Burton to Reading Rainbow?

Burton was the host and executive producer of Reading Rainbow starting in 1983 for PBS. The series ran for 23 seasons.

Who is the black guy on Reading Rainbow?

LeVar Burton
A Brief Introduction to LeVar Burton Commander Geordi La Forge in the science fiction show Star Trek: The Next Generation (1986-1994), as well as being the host of the PBS Kids program Reading Rainbow (1983-2009).

Who is LeVar Burton’s son?

Eian Burton
LeVar Burton/Sons

Is Reading Rainbow on Netflix?

If you’ve missed ‘Reading Rainbow’ and LeVar Burton, who hosted the show for 26 years, you’re in luck. ‘Reading Rainbow is coming to Netflix. Volume 1 of the beloved educational PBS show will now be on Netflix, providing fuel for nostalgic grown kids of the ’80s and ’90s.

What happened LeVar Burton?

LeVar Burton is retiring his quest to become the next “Jeopardy” host. While on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,” Burton explained why he’s no longer interested in the gig, which is now shared by Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings after former executive producer Mike Richards’ firing.

Is Reading Rainbow coming back?

While the Reading Rainbow brand won’t be resurrected, Burton will be reading to a live audience, and soothing our souls in the process. He’s reading to young adults and regular old adults three times a week on Twitter live. Just tune in to his Twitter at the time listed and enjoy.

Who is LeVar Burton son?

Does LeVar Burton have a daughter?

Michaela Jean Burton
LeVar Burton/Daughters

Who is LeVar Burton’s wife?

Stephanie Cozart Burtonm. 1992
LeVar Burton/Wife

Is Reading Rainbow on Amazon Prime?

Right now you can watch Reading Rainbow on Amazon Prime. You are able to stream Reading Rainbow by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video.

What is a rainbow reading?

The Rainbow Passage is one of the most common standard reading passages used to test an individual’s ability to produce connected speech. Like the My Grandfather passage it is used in speech evaluations, but it is also used in studying accents, reading comprehension, as a speech exercise, and for testing language recognition software.

Who is the host of Reading Rainbow?

Reading Rainbow was hosted by actor and executive producer LeVar Burton, who is also known for his roles in Roots and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The show was produced first by Lancit Media Entertainment from 1983 to 2001, and then, by On-Screen Entertainment from 2002 to 2006.

What is Rainbow readers?

Rainbow Reading is an audio-facilitated reading programme with multiple series aimed at varying age groups, levelled for a student’s current reading ability, and with a wide array of interesting topics at different age groups to engage the reader’s interest.