Did Eric Clapton live at 461 Ocean Blvd?

461 Ocean Boulevard is the second studio album by English musician Eric Clapton. The title refers to the address on Ocean Boulevard in Golden Beach, Florida, where Clapton lived while recording the album.

Where was Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard?

Golden Beach
The album title, 461 Ocean Boulevard, refers to the address on Ocean Boulevard in Golden Beach, FL, a barrier island in the northeast corner of Miami-Dade County, where Clapton lived while recording the album.

Who played drums on 461 Ocean Blvd?

drummer Jamie Oldaker
Only drummer Jamie Oldaker plays with some semblance of energy and imagination. The mediocrity of Clapton’s accompanists (whom Clapton seems satisfied simply to accompany) accounts in part for 461’s flaccidity.

Who owns 461 Boulevard Miami?

“My name may be on the deed, but it’s still Eric Clapton’s house,” laughs Herbert Tobin, current owner of the spacious five-bedroom home.

Where is Eric Clapton’s house?

British rock musician Eric Clapton’s house is in Ewhurst, United Kingdom. His Italian-style villa and home for several decades is called Hurtwood Edge. The house is included on the British Listed Buildings website with an in-depth…

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What two hits are featured on the 1977 album Slowhand?

Slowhand produced the two hit singles “Lay Down Sally” and “Wonderful Tonight”, reached various international music charts and was honoured with numerous awards and recording certifications.

Who is Eric Clapton’s wife?

Melia McEnerym. 2002
Pattie Boydm. 1979–1989
Eric Clapton/Wife