Changing the background color of an Instagram story

Instagram stories is a feature that many of its users are obsessed over. Many could not imagine Instagram without it and for many others it would be very stressful if they had to post everything on their grid.

You can easily post something on your story that you do not want to go to your permanent record and although there isn’t the stress of getting maximum likes, many go to great lengths to make their stories aesthetic. One of the primary problems is when the standard background horribly contrasts the color scheme of the photos or videos to be posted.

The color is picked from the image or video but it does not necessarily go as perfectly as you might want it to. In such a case, the solution of to go for a change in background color

How to change the background color of an Instagram story

  • When reposting a story you were tagged in

First of all, you would need to select on “add this to your story” after opening the inbox. Once the story page opens, click on the subscribe icon next to the text icon. From here you will be asked to choose a marker you want to use. Different brushes are for different purposes. After that, you can select the color you want and hold on the screen with one finger. The color will change automatically!

If the standard colors do not appeal to you, you can also select any color from the post by using the dropper icon that is in the bottom left corner. Once you have the color, you can hold on the screen and wait for the background to change.

  • When using the Create Tool

Instagram stories are also popularly used for the Create Tool they offer. Here, you can type whatever you want, set its background and post. For changing background color here, you need to click on the Aa button at the bottom, then tap the subscribe tool and select the color you want.

  • When posting a picture form the camera roll

This is a little more troublesome than the above mentioned. For this, when you follow the standard procedure and hold on the screen for the color to change, the picture will disappear. To go around this problem, you could use the eraser icon to bring the picture back. Just remove the color from the picture and it will remain in the background. Another way around this is to use a marker tool to color the background though it might not be that easy or that neat.

Solid color backgrounds however can get a bit boring. If you too are tired of looking at or posting solid backgrounds that could tire your followers, you can go for patterns by customizing the background. To do this, once you have opened the story screen, swipe up to open the image browser. From here, you can select the image you want on the background of the story.