Can you volunteer on a Mercy Ship?

Mercy Ships welcomes short-term volunteers who would like to give of their time, efforts, and expertise, regardless of religion. We regularly have non-Christians and/or those who are not currently a member of a church apply to volunteer.

How much does it cost to work on Mercy Ship?

It costs about $20m per year to pay the full medical and maritime operating costs of each ship — and that is where the shipping industry can help. Since 2016, the Mercy Ships Cargo Day, when 50% of commissions on cargoes are donated to the charity, has raised an amazing $3m.

Are Mercy Ships still working?

“Mercy Ships was active in Africa before COVID-19, we are active during COVID-19 and we will continue once COVID-19 is long forgotten!” We at Mercy Ships are so very thankful for the support we see every day from those who have become vital to our mission.

Who can work on Mercy Ships?

Mercy Ships needs volunteer medical professionals, maritime officers, teachers, administrators, IT specialists, accountants, cooks, and so much more. Find your place on board! Applying is easy and secure, and it’s only together that we are able to bring hope and healing.

What is the salary of the CEO of Mercy Ships?

Executives Listed on Filing

Name Title Total Salary
Tom Stogner Director/CEO $225,417
Fred Grote CFO $191,490
Curtis Klingleberger Project Manager GLM $175,050
Brian Barki Anesthesia Supervisor $161,102

What percentage of my donation goes to Mercy Ships?


Element Percentage
Administrative 7.70%
Fundraising 14.30%
Program 77.90%

Where is Africa Mercy ship now?

West Africa
The current position of AFRICA MERCY is at West Africa (coordinates 28.07622 N / 16.4869 W) reported 1 hours ago by AIS.

Do you get paid to work on the Mercy Ship?

Crew fees help cover operational expenses onboard so we can maximize the impact of donations by putting 75% directly into programmatic expenses, like the cost of surgery for a patient who needs it. Crew fees are paid monthly with a base of USD $400.

Is Mercy Corps a good organization?

Mercy Corps has long been recognized as an excellent steward of the resources entrusted to it. Over the last five years, Mercy Corps has used 86 percent of our resources for programs that help people in need.

Who pays for the Mercy Ship?

Where does the money come from? Most of our donations come from regular people who generously donate whatever they can, as small or as large as that amount may be. Money donated to Mercy Ships Australia comes from many areas of the community, including individuals, organisations, and wills and bequests.

What is the salary of the CEO of Mercy ships?

Are hospital ships armed?

Most are operated by the military forces (mostly navies) of various countries, as they are intended to be used in or near war zones. The Second Geneva Convention prohibits military attacks on hospital ships, though belligerent forces do have rights of inspection and may take injured enemy patients as prisoners of war.

Why do you want to volunteer on Mercy Ships?

Come aboard and find your crew. Change your life while changing the lives of others. Improving access to healthcare in Africa is so desperately needed — join us and make your mark. Since 1978, Mercy Ships has been bringing hope and healing to people without access to medical care.

What does Pacific hope global medical ship do?

Now Pacific Hope Global carries on the work of her Marine Reach parent ministry by bringing hope and healing to people in disaster zones and isolated areas. Dental extractions and cataract surgeries provide low-cost, high-impact medical care to remote areas.

When was Logos Hope purchased by OM Ships International?

Logos Hope was purchased in 2004. The ship’s gross tonnage is three times that of Logos II, the ship it replaces. The extra space gives visitors the opportunity to choose from a wider range of activities and will allow for more crewmembers to serve on board.

Is the M / V Pacific Hope a hurricane relief ship?

M/V Pacific Hope, once part of the Marine Reach fleet, sailed out of the Pacific Ocean and into the Caribbean in 2017 to assist with hurricane disaster relief and Pacific Hope Global emerged. Marine Reach was founded in 1990 as a maritime expression of the YWAM mercy ministries.