Can sensitive teeth be professionally whitened?

Professional whitening treatments performed by a dentist are often the ideal option for those with sensitive teeth. While professional whitening is more expensive than at-home treatments, it allows a trained professional to monitor the process and ensures that your teeth remain safe throughout the treatment.

What is the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?

These are the best whitening products for sensitive teeth:

  • Best Strips: Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit.
  • Best Toothpaste: Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste.
  • Best Device: GLO SCIENCE GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device.
  • Best Kit: Oral Essentials Lumineux Whitening Kit.

Can you get teeth whitened if you have sensitive teeth?

As long as you see your dentist before starting any whitening treatment, you can safely fight discoloration, even if you have sensitive teeth. Your dentist can let you know which options are ideal for you. But first, bone up on whitening technology, and why temperatures make your teeth tingle.

How can I whiten my teeth if they are sensitive?

Use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth (one with a desensitizing agent is best). Apply a dab of desensitizing gel to the areas of your gums that you know are particularly sensitive. It’s good to continually use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth every time you brush, and the gel as frequently as needed.

How do you get rid of zingers after whitening?

Brushing with a mineralizing toothpaste. Reduce the acidity in the mouth by rinsing soon after whitening. Also, avoid foods and beverages that are highly acidic, such as coffee and sodas. Balance the pH of your mouth by rinsing with alkaline water.

Is it bad to whiten sensitive teeth?

It’s not harmful, however, and while some people do experience temporary discomfort after using a home teeth whitener, most people do not find it severe enough to discontinue use of the product. If you have found that your teeth are sensitive to whitening, know that there is a product out there made just for you.

Are Crest White Strips OK for sensitive teeth?

Using a teeth whitening system on teeth that are already sensitive may increase the level of discomfort that you normally experience. If you have sensitivity concerns, we recommend you try Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine for teeth sensitive to whitening.

Is Smileactives safe for sensitive teeth?

Smileactives vs. AuraGlow claims to whiten your teeth without pain or irritation. Customers mention minimal to no sensitivity, which is a common side effect of other leading teeth whitening brands. The products are 100% enamel-safe.

What are zingers teeth?

During the teeth whitening procedure, you may experience what we call “zingers.” Zingers are brief flashes of pain that happen when the nerves in your teeth react to the whitening process. This pain can continue even after you leave the office, which is why we always give our patients pain relievers to take afterwards.

Is led teeth whitening safe?

Is LED whitening safe? For the most part, it is considered safe. Sensitivity may occur with this type of teeth whitening. Sensitivity is related to the type of gel solution (bleaching agent), strength, and usage.

Do whitening strips actually work?

But do teeth whitening strips and other whitening products actually work? The short answer is yes. Teeth whitening strips can whiten your teeth by a shade or two and can act in as little as a few days.

Are Crest strips safe?

Crest 3D Glamorous Whitestrips is approved by the American Dental Association, and are considered safe when used occasionally and in moderation. If used incorrectly or too frequently, this product may cause damage to your gums and teeth.

What is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

The best toothpaste for sensitive teeth should also contain fluoride, which strengthens weak or eroded enamel and helps to prevent early signs of decay from progressing. And although many over-the-counter toothpastes contain fluoride, your dentist can prescribe high-strength fluoride toothpastes to treat tooth sensitivity in particular.

What is the best mouthwash for sensitive teeth?

Aquafresh Sensitive Toothpaste. Another quality alternative that is great for sensitive teeth is Aquafresh Sensitive Toothpaste, which uses the ingredient potassium nitrate to soothe pain and lessen sensitivity over time, as well as sodium fluoride to protect your enamel.

What is the best and safest whitening toothpaste?

First, wait, do whitening toothpastes actually work? Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, Sparkling White (Pack of Two) This ADA-accepted formula claims to whiten teeth within a week of consistent use. Tom’s of Maine Simply White Clean Mint Toothpaste (Pack of Three) This whitening toothpaste is vegan and free of artificial flavors and colors. Crest Gum & Enamel Repair, Gentle Whitening.

What to use to whiten sensitive teeth?

Mouthwashes containing hydrogen peroxide are your best bet for teeth whitening, although people with sensitive teeth should be careful to follow the instructions exactly as directed or consider a more natural alternative instead.