Can I sell tickets on Ticketmaster that were transferred to me?

Absolutely, provided Ticket Transfer and Fan-to-Fan Resale are available for your event.

Why are some Ticketmaster tickets not transferable?

Could be one of these reasons: The venue doesn’t offer Ticket Transfer yet (we’re working on that) The artist or venue turned Ticket Transfer off for that event/section. The event was canceled (ticket buyers get automatic refunds)

Can you transfer tickets more than once on Ticketmaster?

Yes, you can! Once you accept the tickets they’re all yours. If you are unable to use them, transfer them back to the person who sent them or transfer them to anyone else you want.

Can I use a Ticketmaster ticket with someone else’s name on it?

Yes, you can! Once you accept the tickets they’re all yours. If you can’t use them, you can transfer them back to the person who sent them, or transfer them to anyone else you like. Having difficulty transferring a ticket?

Do Ticketmaster resale prices go down?

In many circumstances, face value prices are set at the time of the initial on-sale and stay the same until the event but prices can, and are often are, adjusted up or down over time. In either case, Ticketmaster collects the face value price and remits it to our clients.

What does transfer tickets on Ticketmaster mean?

Transferring a ticket allows you to send tickets from your Ticketmaster account to other people securely. You can choose to send some or all of your tickets. Using Transfer Tickets allows everyone going to the event to have their own ticket!

How much does it cost to transfer tickets on Ticketmaster?

A ticket transfer allows you to transfer some or all of your tickets from your Ticketmaster account to another. It’s easy, safe and completely free. Please note: not all orders are eligible for ticket transfers. You’ll always see a “Transfer Tickets” button on your order.

How do I transfer a ticket to another person?

All you need to do is visit the closest railway reservation office with a printed copy of your e-reservation slip and a valid ID proof of the passenger to whom you would want to transfer the ticket.

What is a non-transferable concert ticket?

Re: Question about tickets marked as non-transferable I believe this means that they will not allow you to transfer the tickets on Ticketmaster via the ticket transfer option.

How to transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to passbook?

Take the work out of delivering tickets with Ticket Transfer, and never wait at the gate for the friend who’s always late. Skip the printer and get in with your phone. Your tickets are in your Ticketmaster app and ready to go when you are. Got an iPhone? You can even add your tickets to Passbook ® two days before the event.

Is there a way to transfer concert tickets?

Whether you’re buying for a group or gifting someone a surprise ticket, you can transfer tickets with a few taps. Surprise those you love with tickets to their favorite events and send it directly to them with Ticket Transfer. Coordinating everyone’s meet-up time is a constant struggle.

What does it mean when tickets are verified by Ticketmaster?

Get in to events you thought were sold out with tickets sold by fans and verified by Ticketmaster. Less missing out, more going out. This symbol means you’re seeing tickets from other fans too. Find trending events near you.

Can You resell tickets you can’t use on Ticketmaster?

When you end up with tickets you can’t use, you should be able to resell your tickets to someone who can. We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible with features that allow you to list your tickets straight from your Ticketmaster Account page.