Can AC 130 land on a carrier?

From the accumulated test data, the Navy concluded that with the C-130 Hercules, it would be possible to lift 25,000 pounds of cargo 2,500 miles and land it on a carrier.

What can fit in a C-130?

Using its aft loading ramp and door, the C-130 can accommodate a wide variety of oversized cargo, including everything from utility helicopters and six-wheeled armored vehicles to standard palletized cargo and military personnel.

Can a C-130 carry a tank?

Cargo can be accessed at both ends of the aircraft. It has a maximum payload capacity of 130 t. It can carry two M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks, or 7-10 8×8 armored vehicles (Stryker or LAV-25), or 16 HMMWVs.

How high can a c130j fly?


Ceiling 26,000 feet (8,000 meters) with 44,500 pounds (20,227 kilograms) payload
Maximum Load 8 pallets or 97 litters or 24 CDS bundles or 128 combat troops or 92 paratroopers, or a combination of any of these up to the cargo compartment capacity or maximum allowable weight

Can a C-130 fly inverted?

However, the AC-130J was never intended to be flown upside down, and so the maneuver cause the aircraft to ‘over-G’. In simple terms, that means the aircraft was put under strain that it was never meant to endure, exceeding the manufacturer’s stress limits.

Can you land a 747 on an aircraft carrier?

Large commercial aircraft like a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A-380 simply cannot fit on the deck without the wings clipping the island or other deck antennas, etc, not to mention requiring landing rolls of over 3000 ft even in the most extreme short field attempts.

How many soldiers can fit in a C-130?

As a tactical transport, the Hercules can carry 92 ground troops or 64 paratroopers and equipment. It can also be configured as a medical evacuation platform capable of carrying 74 patients on stretchers and their attendants. Length: 97 feet 9 inches (29.3 meters).

What aircraft carry tanks?

The C-5 was built to carry more cargo than any other plane. The C-5M can lift more than a quarter million pounds, and the approximately 34,000-cubic-foot cargo bay is large enough to contain one tank, six helicopters, or 24,844,746 ping pong balls.

How much fuel does AC 130 burn hourly?

How much fuel does AC 130 burn hourly? Typically the APU or Auxillery Power Unit uses or burns between 200 and 500 pounds of fuel per hour (PPH). The C-130E/H carries 6,700 gallons of fuel in six integral wing tanks.

Why is the C-130 so popular?

The C-130 transport, now built by Lockheed Martin, has been in use since 1956 and has Rolls-Royce engines. The versatile aircraft can be used to transport medical patients, resupply Antarctic missions, and fight fires, among other capabilities. Some versions have a skylight for navigating by the stars.

Is C-130 still in production?

It is now the main tactical airlifter for many military forces worldwide. The C-130 Hercules is the longest continuously produced military aircraft at over 60 years, with the updated Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules currently being produced.

Does the Navy fly c130s?

The C-130J aircraft is used as a flight demonstration aircraft. Officially a Navy aircraft, it is flown and maintained by a U.S. Marine Corp crew as part of the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron.

How big is the runway for a C-130?

Known as a Maximum Effort Landing, the C-130 can operate in and out of dirt strips that measure 3000 feet long by 50 feet wide. For comparison, a similar size commercial jet airliner uses a paved runway that is at least 6000 feet long and 150 feet wide.

What’s the minimum runway length for combat takeoff?

Combat Takeoff (Max Effort) – Charted Minimum Field Length for Max Effort Takeoff (MFLMETO). In other words, depending on weight, PA, temp. Whatever our performance data tells us we can do is what our min limit is. Peacetime max effort landings require 3,500 feet of runway even though we do it in less.

What’s the difference between a C-130J and a C 130j?

The C-130J incorporates state-of-the-art technology, which reduces manpower requirements, lowers operating and support costs, and provides life-cycle cost savings over earlier C-130 models. Compared to older C-130s, the J model climbs faster and higher, flies farther at a higher cruise speed, and takes off and lands in a shorter distance.

How long does a runway need to be for Max effort landings?

Peacetime max effort landings require 3,500 feet of runway even though we do it in less. Combat situations remove the 3,500 and we are only limited by our charted performance. Normal Takeoff – Either Critical Field Length or Unbalanced Critical Field Length. The higher of the two. Normal Landing – Charted Landing Ground Roll plus 500 feet.