After the introduction of Bitcoin in the year 2009, the world of cryptocurrency started getting fame. Since then, the mode of exchange was trending to be the digital currency in several brands and shops. This leads to the establishment of several cryptocurrency trading platforms like the Bitcoin Revolution. An automated software application that allows both manually controlled trading as well as trading bots. It can be used by both a professional trader as well as a fresher.

Guidelines for using the Bitcoin Revolution

  • Step1:-  The software can be operated on any device that has an internet connection. The user only has to undergo some formalities like filling the details and submission. After approval, sign up process is complete and the user is ready for ownership. The registration is free.
  • Step2:- For the good functioning of the trading account, a minimum investment of 250$ is recommended.
  • Step3:- Now one can sit back and enjoy manual trading or prefer trading bots for automatic operations.

Why choose only Bitcoin Revolution and not others?

  • The accuracy level is around 99.4% which makes it obvious that the probability of profit margin maximizes from this App. This makes the user feel the exact profit margin estimates.
  • US Trading Association recommends this App to be a top trading app in the global market of cryptocurrency trading among others.

Attributes of the Bitcoin Revolution

  • Autotrading feature- Allows the user to perform business using specified trading signals with improved technology.
  • Backstage- Applies the commands given by the user on past market conditions so that the person is well aware of the risk factor and weigh the profitability index accordingly.
  • Live trading- After the investment, the user is allowed to trade immediately. No deposit fee is charged and gained profit can be withdrawn anytime he wants by submitting a form.
  • Demo version- This is the most unique feature that prepares a fresher trader to gain some experience in marketing by giving him a demo account along with some rules, regulations and guidelines. This creates a suitable environment for the new traders and they can gain confidence in themselves before jumping into the actual field.

Main advantages of Bitcoin Revolution

Below are Main advantages of Bitcoin Revolution:

  • No software is essential to be downloaded or updated since it is a web-based platform hence no question of installation charge arises.
  • There is a provision of customer support 24*7 for any problem or enquiry of the user.
  • The user can trade in multiple digital currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Monero and Ripple.
  • This App assures guarantee of highest profit and minimum risk in terms of probability.
  • Provision of user-friendly interface that facilitates easy navigation.
  • The sign-up process is short and simple and does not involve any complications.
  • Comparatively lower investments than other platforms.
  • The highest success rate is recorded from this App only in the world of crypto-trading.
  • Withdrawing profits are as simple as the sign-up process. The user needs to submit a withdrawal request. Within 24 hours of approval, the amount is withdrawn. No withdrawal fee is required.
  • The verification process only requires transaction pieces of information and user identity. Hence verification is quick and simple to understand.
  • The algorithm used is advanced and contains 6 live data trading signals.
  • The trading robot automatically controls the situation according to market conditions which makes it easy for the newcomers.
  • Privacy and safety are of the highest concern of the Bitcoin Revolution.
  • The brokers involved under the trading bots are reputed and guaranteed return of the invested money even if they get bankrupt.
  • Once profit is generated through automated trading, a small amount of fee is charged by the technical team who control the robots during market analyzing.
  • The provision of a demo account allows the fresher traders to gain some knowledge in business without losing anything. Hence they get well-accustomed with the atmosphere as they are guided by the user manual. After becoming comfortable with the demo version, he is ready to taste the real business with feasible investments.