Are Zenit cameras any good?

The build quality, for a Soviet-era camera, is pretty good. Zenits, on the whole, were well made. This is perhaps due to the fact that they were exported to the West as a much cheaper alternative to Nikons and Canons of the time. The shutter curtain works well and seems to be open for the right amount of time.

Are Zenit cameras still made?

During the 2018 Photokina expo, Zenit announced that it was resuming camera and lens production for the M-mount, as well as for unspecified Nikon and Canon mounts in 2019.

How do you shoot in Zenit E?

To prepare Your Zenit for shooting: load the film – remember or write down films ISO speed. set film ISO value on the exposimeter. choose exposure time….Once the film is loaded:

  1. wind the shutter.
  2. change exposure time if needed.
  3. read exposure values from the indicator.
  4. set diaphragm aperture.
  5. get image in focus.
  6. shoot!

How much is Zenit ET camera?

Krasnogorsk: Zenit ET

Average Very good Mint
$40-50 $60-70 $100-120
Estimate value accuracy:

What film does Zenit 11 take?

Taking pictures with the Zenit 11

Brand Zenit
Serial number 89370514
Lens Domiplan 2.8 / 50
Shutter Cloth shutter
Film format 35 mm Kleinbild

How do I date my Zenit camera?

Like most Russian cameras the Zenit camera used a system where the first two numbers of the serial number plate (or part) was the year that the part was made, sometimes these parts could wait a couple of years before being fitted, for example 88xxxxxx was 1988.

What does Zenit mean in Russian?

Zenit (Russian: Зенит; meaning zenith) was the All-Union VSS. The name has been retained after the fall of the Soviet Union and the VSS system, notably by FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, which won the 2007 and 2010 Russian Premier League seasons, the 2007-08 UEFA Cup, and the 2008 UEFA Super Cup in association football.

Does the Zenit 12XP have a light meter?

In the Russian Zenit series of SLRs, the Zenit 12 is a slightly updated version of the Zenit TTL, made by KMZ between 1983 and 1994. Improvements included a hot shoe, brighter viewfinder, and LED metering in later models. The 12XP is similar to the 12SD and now has LED exposure indicators in place of the meter needle.

What film does a Zenit-E take?

35mm film
Zenit-E is a 35mm film SLR made by KMZ and produced between 1965-86 with quantity of 3.334.

How do I delete films from Zenit E?

The procedure is the following:

  1. Press the film rewind knob and rotate it contrary to the direction shown by the indicating pointer.
  2. Disengage the shutter mechanism.
  3. Open the back cover of the camera.
  4. Pull the film rewind knob upwards and remove the film cassette out of the camera.

What kind of camera is the Zenit 3M?

The Zenit-3M is a fairly minimalistic camera, but at the same time, it has everything that is needed for a photographer. The camera is very high quality, built almost like a tank.

Where does the Russian Zenit camera come from?

Russia wants to launch Zenit as a luxury camera that rivals the German Leica brand. Rostec owns the Krasnogorsky Zavod optical factory in the city of Krasnogorsk, near Moscow. During the Soviet era, this plant was known as Krasnogorsk Mechanical Works, and it produced millions of still photography and movie cameras.

When does the new Zenitar camera come out?

Two further M-mount Zenitar lenses are set for release circa March 2019: the Zenitar-M 21mm F/2.8 and the Zenitar-M 50mm F/1.0. A second digital camera of an entirely new design is planned for release by 2020; also in collaboration with Leica. This camera will make use of a different lens line.

Is it easy to repair a Zenit camera?

About $1 for a piece with 50/2 lens, with broken shutter dials or jammed shutters at all. Yes, repairing the Zenit is easy; most cameras were up and shooting just after cleaning the shutter internals, some required simple dances with spare springs and a screwdriver.