Are wood burning hot tubs cheaper?

Wood fired hot tub means better operating costs, considerably quicker heating, and it’s a more sustainable option today that can be placed in your back garden, next to a woodland cabin holiday let, or just anywhere else you want.

How much does a wood burning hot tub cost?

The cost of wood-fired hot tubs hovers around $3,000; Mr. Slater’s models, for example, range from $2,300 to $4,100. But electric tubs with jets and enough room for five to seven people typically cost $3,000 to $7,000 — or much higher, depending on the features added.

How long does a wood fired hot tub stay hot?

2-3 hours
how long do wood fired hot tubs take to heat. The answer is short, 2-3 hours. The exact timing depends on various factors: the size of the hot tub; the size of heater; if insulation was used; the outside temperature.

How often do you change the water in a wood fired hot tub?

In domestic situations it is recommended to empty the water every 2-3 uses. If it is used by multiple people then it is best to change it daily. If you want to leave the water in for longer then we recommend fitting a filtration system or using a sanitising treatment.

Do wood fired hot tubs use electricity?

Wood burning hot tubs are heated using traditional wood burners. There are no electrical components at all in wood burning hot tubs. It is a very simple set up. There are no jets or pumps.

Do wood fired hot tubs need electricity?

How often do you change the water in a wood-fired hot tub?

Do wood-fired hot tubs need electricity?

Can you put chlorine in a wood fired hot tub?

If you keep having trouble with your tub looking dirty you probably need to adjust the pH levels of the water in the tub. Never use chlorine to clean the wood. That will destroy the face of the wooden fibers and make a worse mess of the wood. Wood is an organic material and chlorine destroys organic matter.

How often change water in wood fired hot tub?

How good are wood fired hot tubs?

Overall, wood fired hot tubs heat up faster, are very low maintenance and are long lasting. However, electric heaters can be affordable and convenient as well.

Do wood fired hot tubs need chemicals?

A wood fired hot tub is usually used differently to other types of hot tub, as users fill the tub, use it 2 to 3 times and then drain the water. With this short term use there is no need for chemicals which is a great advantage to people who want a chemical free hot tub experience.

Which is the best wood burning hot tub?

Northern Lights is a leader in manufacturing wood fired hot tub using the same 100% clear western red cedar we use in all our hot tubs. Wood burning hot tubs are popular amongst purists that claim the combination of a wood hot tub and a wood stove represents the ultimate in hot tub soaking experience.

How does a wood fired hot tub heater work?

By using our Timberline wood fired hot tub heaters, the fire heats the water which slowly rises to the top port of the hot tub. At the same time cold water is drawn into the heater to be heated. This provides a natural convection that needs no pump.

What’s the best way to heat a hot tub?

Our TimberLine wood fired hot tub heaters are a great compliment to a traditional cedar wood fired hot tub. Solar Water Heaters are the Greenest way to heat a hot tub or pool. Tax saving are available. Traditional Finish Sauna have always used wood fired sauna heaters as the most powerful way to quickly heat up an outdoor sauna.

Why are wood fired hot tubs used in rural areas?

Most wood fired hot tubs are used in rural locations that have access to plenty of wood. This certain reduces the operational costs of using a hot tub. The wood burning hot tub uses no electricity and thus there is no forced circulation system found on our other jetted hot tubs.